Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet Pea Is Three

Little Callie turned three December 13.  I cannot believe that three years has gone by.  Really, I know people say that all the time.  But, it really does seem like yesterday that we were waiting on her arrival.  To say that she is the icing on our little Foxx Family Cake is in understatement.  Poor little thing woke up sick on her birthday this year.  Everyone had had something since Thanksgiving so I wasn’t really surprised, I just hated that she took her turn on her birthday :(.  So, the day of her birthday we just laid low and she slept and slept.  After a couple of days she was better enough to get out and daddy was off work, so we took her to lunch and to Build-A-Bear.   Lunch was fine.  We were all glad to be out of the house!  Then we traipsed all of us over to the mall and guess what, she didn’t want a Build-A-Bear.  Nope.  Could have cared less.  I showed her all the choices, all the clothes and shoes.  I wasn’t even trying to make her get the ten dollar bear.  I said “look, you can pick whatever you want”.  She said “no, I don’t want one”.  I asked Todd if we should make her get one, he, of course, said, “why would we make her spend $50.00?”.  So we left.  I was a little disappointed since we’ve never done Build-A-Bear, but really happy that Callie has a mind of her own and doesn’t mind telling you what she thinks.  Ok, a few times in the last few weeks she hasn’t been very tactful, we’ll have to work on that.  But, how nice that she doesn’t do something just to be nice.  I hope she stays like this forever!  So, we came home and ate some lame birthday cake.  Didn’t seem much like a birthday, but Todd kept saying “she’s three!”.  I know he’s right.  She isn’t going to remember what we do.  I think she will remember though how special she is to all of us and how excited her brothers were to celebrate with her.  Those things matter.
blogbdLook at these adorable cupcakes!  A friend from church brought these  to Callie on her birthday.  It was such a nice treat!  Love the pink and purple polka-dots!
blogbd1 Callie getting ready to enjoy one of the cupcakes.  She wanted the one with the “C” for Callie.  Look at the poor thing in her pjs :(.
Blowing out her candle!
blogbd3 Two days after her birthday, all dressed up in her mama-made birthday outfit, ready to hit the town!
Yay, she has enough energy to jump!blogbd5
We decided to let her open her gifts before we left.  Here she is asking where the “opening thing” is.  Apparently in her mind there was a certain place to begin ripping the paper.  She would look at every gift until she found the “opening thing”!
Play-doh!  The girl loves Play-doh!  This is the ice cream set with sprinkle Play-doh!
Here is her little stuffed pig.  She had adamently been saying for weeks that she wanted a pig for her birthday.  Not a stuffed pig, but a real pig.  In this picture she looks excited about the little stuffed pig, I don’t think she has touched him since!
Getting ready to enjoy her birthday lunch at Red Robin.  Her Nana Charlene gave her that little purse that she carried around the entire day!
Back home to eat birthday cake!  I had the great idea to put turquoise polka-dots all over.  Well, guess what you can’t put sprinkle polka-dots on the sides of a cake.  So, this is how it ended up.  How cute is that “C” on top?blogbd9
She was so excited to get to take the candles off.  She wanted so much to decorate it herself and I wouldn’t let her.  I think it would have turned out better if she would have!
Callie, you are a highlight to every day.  You are fun, funny, and oh so busy.  You cook, clean, play, dance (your new favorite is to dance in front of the fireplace so you can watch yourself!), wrestle, laugh.  We really need to get in better shape to keep up with you!  I am amazed daily that God knew what we needed and when we needed it.  We are so blessed by Callie.  She is the apple of her daddy’s eye.  She is my special friend.  She is just pure joy to her brothers.  I could go on and on.  Happy Birthday Sweet Pea.  You are the best Callie I know!