Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kansas City Field Trip

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take a spur of the moment field trip.  Todd was in Dallas for a meeting and we had had a long week, so Mama was feeling the need to get out of town, so we did!  Kansas city is about three hours from our home so we hit the road.
Our first stop was the World War 1 museum.  This is a great museum, very nicely done.  It is large, but not too large.  (Yes, I am a homeschool mom that does not love museums, unless they are art.  But, we go because I think they are important.)  The best thing about this trip was that some of our friends just happened to be going to KC the same days we were, so they met us there.  It is always more fun with friends!
Garrett and his friend Christian.  We met Christian the second time we lived in Springfield.  When we moved back they picked up their friendship right where they left off!
Callie designing her own war propaganda poster.  Ha!
Kellen reflecting.
The whole gang.  Christian, Kellen, Gannon, Callie, Nick, Garrett, and Hannah.  They are such a great family.  We were blessed to spend the afternoon with them.
From there we had dinner and did a little shopping.  I had a few specific things we needed and they of course have many more choices than we have here.  I promised the boys we would not shop the whole trip, which is what they thought we were going to do when left home.  I can’t imagine why!  They did recently open an American Girl doll store at the mall we visited so we took Callie in there for just a few minutes.
These are the best pictures I could get with my phone.  She was running too fast!  It was the cutest thing to see her running from display to display.  (And she needed to go potty.  She runs anytime she does because she doesn’t want to stop long enough to go!)   Every doll was “the best one”.  Of course she loved the strollers and beds the most, which we already have.  We didn’t buy a thing if you can believe it.  She has some nice dolls, so she doesn’t need one.  Plus, I would rather take her someday when she is older to the NY or Chicago store, when she can really make an informed decision.  Those stores are huge and have so much more to do than just buy a doll.  I am envisioning this mom and daughter weekend trip someday.  Something she will probably have no interest in, but I can dream!
The next morning we headed to Moon Marble Company.  I had seen an ad for this place years ago and thought someday we would stop in there if we were in town.  You may wonder why.  Well, here is why.  I have grown up playing a game called Wa-hoo. 
This is a vintage board displayed to Moon Marble.  We are currently using a custom (by Grandpa)  OU board.  Go figure! Wa-hoo is similar to Sorry, and yes, it can get wild and wooly! My great-grandma loved this game so much there is a still a Wa-hoo tournament at our family reunion every summer.  So, my kids are growing up playing it as well.  If you are really into it, you have your own special board, marbles, and lucky dice.  So, I thought it would be fun to come here and see how a person makes marbles and let the kids pick their own favorite marbles.  What I didn’t realize is that this was the weekend of “Marble Crazy”!  Crazy is a good word for it!  I started getting nervous when we pulled into the little town outside of KC and started seeing signs of where we needed to go park.  We parked blocks away and rode a bus to the store.  This was a highlight for my kids!  It was so funny how excited Gannon and Callie were about the bus ride!
There were marble makers from all over showing their marbles and demonstrating how they make marbles and other glass treasures.  It was really fascinating to watch the patience these people have to get things just right.  There were some amazing marbles of all sizes and prices!  Who knew there was such a marble niche in the world!
I was trying to get a picture of one of the rooms in the place.  There were four rooms that we could go in, one with bleachers and the whole nine yards to watch the demonstrations.  Then, there were toys galore.  If you ever wanted a nice, not Toys R Us toy, this is the place to go.  So many quality and unique toys.  Again, who knew!  I wish we lived closer because this would be the perfect go to place for birthdays and Christmas!  Another room had bins and bins of every color of marbles.  Every color except pink!  I was so disappointed, seriously.  I thought it would be fun for Callie and me to have our own pink marbles, but no.  I’m sure I could have had someone make me some, for a price!  My pictures don’t really do this day justice.  There were so, so, so many people there.  I don’t know  how I got this picture of this room with just a few people.  So, I didn’t take very many pictures like I would have had it just been us!
The kids outside waiting outside for the bus.  It was freezing!  Such a fun little place.  You really should look it up if your in Kansas City and have a free couple of hours.  And yes, we all got a tube of our very own marbles and a special die for each of us.
So, a great little field trip.  We stopped and ate lunch at Noodles, one of our favorites that we don’t have in Springfield, then headed home, just in time to welcome Daddy!