Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eleven Things I Love About Garrett

Garrett’s eleventh birthday was April 7, 2011.  He decided he wanted to have a friend spend the night and go to Silver Dollar City.  We had a great time!  His friend Christian he has been his buddy since we lived here the second time.  It was nice to carve out some time for them to be together!  We also took the day off of school and let him be “in charge” for the day.  He had money burning a hole in his pocket and has known what he wanted to buy for months, so it didn’t take us long to spend it!  He chose to eat at El Puente for his special dinner and then have a chocolate cake for dessert.  Overall he had a great time celebrating turning eleven!


Here are eleven things that I love about Garrett, for his eleventh birthday:

1.  You are funny.  Really, so funny.  It is so fun to be around you!


2.  You are loyal.  You are loyal to your family, your friends, your teams. Once you makes a decision about something or someone, you stick with it!


3.  You are a hard worker.  A HARD WORKER!  Any time we have had a project to do, you are my man.  Any time we have chores, etc., you are the first one done.  I know you will be a great husband and father some day because you will get the job done to take care of them.


4.  You are athletic and a good sport when you are participating in sports.  You are one of those kids that can pick up a new sport with the snap of a finger.  It is so fun to watch you!  (Yes, he is behind in this race, but he had to run with junior high boys since not many grade school boys run hurdlesSmile)blogtrackb5

5.  You are fun to be around!  I especially love the way you and Callie play.  I notice she always comes to you when she is ready to be silly!IMG_0717

6.  You are one handsome guy!


7.  You love God.  I appreciate that you love going to church and participating in worship.  That really makes my heart happy!

8.  You are a great cook!  You always love to help me in the kitchen, or even better make things by yourself!  It’s nice to know you won’t starve when you are on your own!


9.  You love your family.


10.  You are a gentleman.

11.  You are flexible.  In our crazy family and life, you just take what comes.  It takes a lot to get you riled up.  You like to say “just go with the flow!”   Thank goodness!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello, again.

Well, I took a little break.  I didn’t really plan to, but I did.  Life got very busy, very stressful, very eventful.  I could go on and on.  Blogging just seemed to not be a a very useful way to spend my time.  It seemed like I was having a hard time saying what I wanted to say.  So, I just stopped.  But, I have missed it.  As I have said before, I don’t scrapbook.  I really don’t journal much.  I don’t do a very good job of really keeping memories of my kids lives except some pictures.  Blogging has been a great way for me to chronicle some of our life.  I print them out so my kids can look back someday, if they want to.  I know they might not care, but you never know!

So, bear with me as I try to catch up a little.  I had several saved posts that I still want to use.  I plan to put together some random posts so I can get in here what we’ve been up to since April, 2011.  Then, maybe I will be able to keep up.  No promises.  I can’t really keep up with anything else!  Ha!

If you are one of my five readers, thanks for sticking with me!  Again, I just do this for fun for us. For our families to see what we are up to since it is hard to communicate with everyone.  I may get the nerve up to give my two-cents about some random subjects.  In the past I kind of kept my opinions to myself so I didn’t offend anyone.  But, maybe, just maybe, I will throw some stuff out there.  Just in case, I never mean to offend anyone!!  I just have opinions and feelings and would like some of that to be out there for my kids, just in case they care some day! :)  I don’t expect people to agree, that isn’t my intention, so don’t worry if you don’t agree and think I am a nut!  I have a feeling a lot of people think I am nuts!  Luckily, I guess because of age, I think I can finally say I don’t really care what people think!  (Ok, maybe just a little.  But, I am getting better!)


Just because it’s weird to have a post with no pictures, and since you will RARELY see a picture me on here (for obvious reasons!), here I am, goofy picture and all.  :)  Excuse the massive forehead, since this picture I have bangs.  I think they look better, but what do I know!