Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Visit

The end of July we had a great visit from Todd’s brother Glenn and his family, Kerry, Taryn, and Jack.  They came and enjoyed Branson a couple of days as a family then came and joined in our madness!

The first day we got together we met them at Silver Dollar City and had a great time!  It’s nice to have cousins all about the same age so they have someone to ride rides with.  Aunt Kerry was a good sport about riding stuff with them.  I have yet to ride anything at SDC except the bouncy frogs.  That was enough for me!  I would enjoy the water rides, like the log ride and such, but I do not enjoy walking around wet all day.  One of these days I will ride at the end when we are heading straight home!

blogf2The next best thing to having cousins your own age is having cousins older than you to take you around and do fun things!  Callie was loving having Taryn help her!


I don’t remember the official name of this area, but it is filled with soft balls that you can shoot, pick up, dump, they fall on your head, the possibilities are endless.  It is several stories high, fun for all ages!


It is hard to get a picture of someone jumping, at least it is when they don’t jump very far off the ground, but can you see that her feet are leaving the ground?  Taryn would fill up the balls for her and she could push the button to shoot them out into the middle.  She was soooo excited about this!  She would shoot and then just jump up and down, it was so cute!

IMG_7584Here Callie is putting the balls in the vacuum tubes that take balls up to the top of the structure.  This was sooo up her alley!  She loves to clean and pick up.  The girl was seriously determined to clean up all these balls!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the look on her face when they would come dumping from the ceiling.  Pure frustration that she would never get this place clean.  Welcome to womanhood sister!


Meanwhile, Glenn was our official “stuff” watcher.  Thanks Glenn!


Here Jack, Garrett, Callie and Gannon are getting in on the action.


Here is a guy that apparently has a summer job of scooping up foam balls and tormenting children with them.  He’s probably a homeschooler :).  (I kid, I kid!)

blogf8 Of course, instead of saying “Hey kids, let’s go over here and play”, I documented the whole thing with my camera.  I love the look on Callie’s face as the ball guy is heading for them.  Soon after this, she ran to me.  I don’t blame her!


Watch out Garrett, he’s going to get you!!!


Glenn finally gets in on the action!  He graciously offered to take Gannon on the little roller coaster.  Can you spot him?  He could not have been comfortable in the that little thing!


Kids still smiling after a long day at Silver Dollar City.  We had a GREAT time!


They spent the night with us Friday and Saturday night.  It was supposed to rain Saturday so got up early and went to the go-cart track.  Taryn volunteered to drive Gannon.  Kellen has not ever gotten to drive a single car since Gannon is not tall enough to drive by himself, so Taryn said she would take him.  Thanks!


Kellen with Jack right behind him!

The rest of Saturday we just hung around the house.  I think the kids got a little bored, but this mama was worn out and the adults were just enjoying having time to visit.  We enjoyed some Arris’ pizza for dinner, a family favorite!



The next day we went to church and then made the obligatory visit to Lambert’s.  Everyone that comes to this neck of the woods wants to go there.  It has been featured on the Food Network as the number one pig out place in the country.  Actually, I don’t think Glenn and Kerry really had that on their list of must-sees, but Todd had been wanting to go there for a couple of weeks so this was a good excuse!

blogfa5 Jack, Kellen, and Taryn waiting for their rolls.  Yes, they throw their rolls.  Lovely. (Except they are really good!)


Garrett waiting for his roll.

blogfa7 Glenn and Kerry enjoying their lunch.  Notice there is food everywhere.  This is not all theirs :)!  They just keep bringing more and more food until there is no where to put it all!

We had a great time!  Looking forward to them coming again!


Kerry said...

It WAS a great time!! Funny thing...I just posted on this, too! Love the Lambert's pics! ;)

Amy said...

We had a great time! Can't wait to get together again!