Monday, September 27, 2010


Hallelujah! Hallelujah!  (Imagine a song being sung here!)  I am, after eleven years of having a little person in diapers, done!  There were some breaks here or  there.  Our kids are far enough apart that I never had two at a time in diapers, but you get the idea!  We have been working on potty training Callie for a few weeks now, we’ve started and stopped a couple of times this summer but I feel safe to say that it is official now.  We started co-op a couple of weeks ago and she goes constantly, four times in four hours, for her teacher (including, ahem, no. 2), so I think we are official.  I think she is a little obsessed with the miniature potty in her classroom at co-op, but whatever works!  Her poor teacher!

I have debated on how many potty training stories to share.  I figured moms and ten-year-old boys would not really care.  Everyone else would be a little disgusted!  It has been quite humorous around here.  We normally don’t talk about pp, poop, etc., obviously.  This is something you keep to yourself.  But, when you are potty training, you don’t have a choice.  That, combined with three brothers, you get the idea.

So, consider yourself warned.  The following stories will include the words poop, potty, no. 2, you name it.  Feel free to click off now!

One day we were grocery shopping.  It was just Callie and me and we didn’t need much so I was letting her walk.  She was looking at the cans of spaghetti and meatballs and said “That looks disgusting!”.  I said “you think that looks yucky?”  She said “yes, someone pooped on the spaghetti!”.

Another day she came to me and said “Don’t go in my room, it stinks”.  I said “ok”.  Then, I thought, “maybe I should go check out why her room stinks”.  Oh my.  Bless her little heart.  She looked at me and with a sweet little voice said “I’m helping you mama, I’m scrubbing it!”.  Helping me she was not.  Apparently she was on her way to take care of business and decided she needed her flowered underwear.  Whatever she was wearing was not making the fashion statement she was looking for while sitting on the pot.  Well, she didn’t make it.  So, she did her business while standing in front of her chest of drawers.  Then she kindly decided to help me by “scrubbing it” into the carpet.  Yes, she did.  I think she could see the look of horror on my face because she jumped up and said “I’ll just wait in here” and ran and just stood in the bathroom.  Lucky for me, I had recently purchased something at Sam’s called “Carpet CPR”.  It actually worked.  I can’t stand carpet cleaners, they don’t work!  I can’t stand carpet!  Now you can see why!  I never feel like carpet it is clean after about two days of having it put in.  But, it is clean.  I dare anyone to come and try to find the place this unfortunate even happened!

Hopefully my potty training adventures are over.  I’m sure we will have accidents here and there, but she has not had any lately and since she will go for someone else, I feel pretty certain this will stick!  She also is so independent that she will go by herself and not tell anyone.  It is so cute to here the potty flush and see her running back to whatever she was doing!

Now, to find the poor girl some undies that fit!  She was still wearing size three diapers.  She has no hiney.  Now that she doesn’t have diapers to hold her pants up, she can hardly wear pants!  She needs an 18 months in the waist and a three in the length.  Lucky for her she is built like Todd’s side of the family.  Tall with no hiney is not from my side, I hate to break it to you ladies!  I had bought so many little panties from Gymboree because they were so cute.  Guess what, they don’t fit!  She is narrow, but the panties are even narrower at the bottom, but wide at the top.  They end up looking obscene once she has them on.  The panties from Old Navy loose all elasticity after one washing!  No joke.  So, those were thrown away.  So, we’ve been making do with something from Wal-mart that don’t exactly fit, but at least stay up.  I bought a pattern to make undies.  I never in my life thought that was something I would make!  I am really not looking forward to trying because the thought of little bits of elastic and such does not sound fun to me.  We’ll see.  I have been waiting until I was sure they would not get thrown away!

Most things about Callie growing up make me sad since I know she is my last little baby.  :(  But, this is one area I will not miss!  I am sure daddy will not miss it either!  I think he was glad he was a little out-of-the-loop on this one!  I couldn’t use the boy excuse to get him to share this with me!

So, here’s to one more milestone passed!  Sniff, sniff.


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abby jenkins said...

I'll pass this on to my best friend who just gave birth to twins! thanks!