Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall Fashions

No, I’m not writing about what you should be wearing for fall.  I have no clue, except that Todd told me that I’m not allowed to buy any more black.  So, I’ve branched out to brown.  Of course what he doesn’t realize is that adding a color of top means adding a color of shoes, coats, socks, anything else that may need to go with the new color.  He may rethink that decree soon!

Fall fashions is to show you pictures of Callie’s things that I have made for her for fall.  Not too much.  I’m finally being realistic about how much time I have to sew.  Which is not much. :(

blog7How cute is this?  It is reversible with a polka-dot print on the other side (of course!) but I can’t find a picture of that side.  This was the easiest jumper ever so I’m sure you’ll see many more of these!   Love her big girl pose!


This is a terrible picture, but the only one I can find of her in this dress.  I didn’t do a very good job of getting pictures this time around, and it is not worth it to dress her up in all this for a picture.  Not that she doesn’t cooperate, she just talks and talks and tells me one more thing and has to do one more thing, and on and on!  It takes forever to do anything with her!  This is her usual little jumper in fun fall tree fabric.  So cute on her.  My phone cover has stretched or something so I can’t get a picture without the cover coming up in the picture.  That is what you see at the bottom, not some strange effect.

IMG_1236 IMG_1237

Here are couple of little t-shirts I appliquéd for her.  I love them both.  The orange one is a little owl dressed up like a witch.  The brown one is a pink and brown turkey!  I don’t think that really does, but I had my heart set on a pink and brown turkey and a brown tee.  I didn’t really think about how those wouldn’t really work together until I set down to work.  But, I think it turned out ok.  She loved it!

IMG_1103No, I didn’t make this.  But, I couldn’t resist a picture of her after-Halloween batgirl costume.  After she realized she couldn’t be War Machine for Halloween, she moved on to Batgirl.  I was not about to let her be that either, but I didn’t know they had pink Batgirl!  This is like a size 6 or something so it’s huge, but she doesn’t care!

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