Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wii Fit = Wee Me

I finally got around to opening the Wii Fit Todd bought me months ago. Well, actually Kellen did. It's not that I had a problem opening it, it is just that I don't know how to run any of the "stuff" in the basement. This is where the big TV, the videos games, dvr, old VCR, you name it is all hooked together. I finally figured out how to dvr "Eighteen Kids and Counting", the only show on TV I care to watch at the moment. I've watched one episode. Oh well, they'll be there I guess until someone deletes them. IMO TV is a waste of time. At this point in my life, I don't have a second to spare. And, when I waste time, I have other things to waste it on that are more fun to me :)

So, back to the the Wii. We've had the Wii Fit it a while. I think Todd brought it home when Sam's got them back in stock after Christmas. I've wanted to do it, I really have. I decided today was the day. I have lost a few pounds. Enough that I can button pants and breathe at the same time (always a good thing!). Now I just need to get things back where they belong. I have until October to do this. This is of course the next big birthday. Forty. I get the comment a lot, "you look great for four kids". Not really what I like to hear. I want to hear "there is no way you have four kids"! So, October is my deadline. I don't want to start hearing, "you look good for forty and four kids". I want to hear "no way, your forty and have four kids, you look like you just graduated from high school"! (OK, maybe that is stretching it, but we can all have a dream.)

Kellen got the Wii all set up for me and I got started. First you enter all the pertinent information, height, weight, etc. Then it tells you what your up against. I won't give you all the gory details, except that my Wii age is 33! Happy Birthday to me, I think I'll have some cake! The Wii determines all of this by me standing on the balance board. Apparently my feet, which I have always thought were one of my worst features, are now my best if the Wii thinks I am 33.

Let me just say, I LOVE IT! It was so fun. I did some of the things that came with the Wii balance board. Then I started the Wii EA Sports Active. I had been reading about it and decided to run get one at Wal-Mart last night so I could get up and get going today. There is a thirty day challenge on it, so that is what I am doing. Wii EA Sports Active is a separate "game" you buy that comes with a resistance band. I think you might even be able to do it without the Wii fit board, so if you had a Wii and could only buy one right now, you could get this. Love it! The Sports Active is like circuit training, if your familiar with that. In other words, you don't get bored doing the same thing over and over. It also has a "trainer" at talks to you and givs you hints on how to do the excercises correctly. This is sooo helpful. I have a degree in physical education, but I am still unsure on how to do some of the excercises correctly. I know when I work out on my own I do things like lunges too fast, the trainer tells me when I need to slow down. There is a journal so you can keep track of your progress. The Wii keeps track of the exercises you do and you can enter in the kind of foods your eating and any other exercise you might get. It is not too lengthy, just enough to keep track of areas you might need to work on.

Here's hoping I have time to do this every day. I was getting up at five to walk on the treadmill. Ugh! Soooo boring. I enjoy walking, and don't mind the treadmill that much. But, it got so old. I would try to watch TV, guess what, there is nothing on at five in the morning! Infomercial after infomercial or reruns of Sportscenter. But this is way more fun and I don't mind doing it with Callie running around me. I didn't feel comfortable using the treadmill with her around, too many ways for her to get hurt. So, I should have no excuse now ;)!

No pictures today, figured you didn't want to see any of me working out. Maybe in thirty days I'll post some after shots!

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