Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well, we are slowly getting settled in here in Springfield. Luckily, we had three out of four Halloween costumes ready before we got here, so we didn't have to stop in the middle of all this to figure out costumes. Garrett could not decide what he wanted to “be” for Halloween. He finally settled on Mystery Man. We had all the stuff to make his costume, but of course didn’t make it until the morning of Halloween. I wonder why?!

Halloween in our house seems to be almost an afterthought lately. This year, we had just moved. Last year, we had just moved. The year before, we had a baby. The year before mama was pregnant. Can you see how this happens? Last year at least we had moved into a neighborhood that had a lot of kids so therefore a lot of Halloween action. This year, not so much! Our neighborhood only has one other house, occupied by a single man we don’t see much of. So we decided to take advantage of a local church’s festivities. This is one of those churches that looks more like a mall than a church. They had tons of stuff to do and lots of kids in costumes. The weather was beautiful. We had a nice time, even if it wasn’t the traditional Halloween of going to neighbors houses and hanging out after dark.

My kids all love to dress up. They would dress up all the time if I would let them. They are all so imaginative that they take their pretend games to the max and have costumes and all! So, just having an excuse to dress up for the day made it fun for them.

On a side note: our house in Bettendorf has sold! Three weeks after we listed it, we accepted an offer. We should close on November 10th. They buyer is a cash buyer, so hopefully he won’t spend all his money before the tenth! I am so excited to be done with that worry. Now I feel like I can concentrate on this house.

Oct2009 471

Ladybug! Ladybug! Fly away home!

Oct2009 472

Oct2009 479

Mystery Man

Detective Kellen

Captain Rex

Little Ladybug

Oct2009 486 Oct2009 497

Daddy as an OU football coach, again. ha:)

Oct2009 498

Being a detective is serious business!

Oct2009 500

Not a great picture of us, but wanted to show how many people were there! We couldn’t believe it. I did not partake of all the stuff in my hands. The church was giving out free kettle corn, I didn’t eat any but kept ending up with all the empty cups!

Oct2009 502

Waiting in line for one of the attractions. Detective Kellen had found some time to shave. Apparently the moustache was itchy!

Oct2009 521

When we got home from the Halloween party, we started working on our pumpkins. Our realtor here in Springfield had left pumpkins and carving kits for the kids. The kits were Potato Head brand and poked in the pumpkins like Mr. Potato Head pieces. They are so cute!

Oct2009 526

Everyone working hard.

Oct2009 531

The finished products. Aren’t they the cutest? Gannon made a skeleton, Garrett a pirate, Kellen a vampire, and Callie made a princess, of course!

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