Sunday, May 30, 2010

Words That Actually Came Out Of My Mouth This Week!

“Let’s wait until it get’s a little closer to worry about Halloween costumes.” 

Why are my kids so obsessed with costumes?


“When Kellen was in Kindergarten I spent $50.00 on his Halloween costume.”

Maybe that is why they are obsessed with costumes!


Who knows why I said that, but I say it all the time so I know it has come out of my mouth this week.


“Wow, look at that fort.  I think that is every blanket we own!”

After the boys built a fort in the basement with, literally, every blanket we own and some sheets and sleeping bags thrown in.  Impressive, but can you say “laundry”?

Did you know a Krispy Kreme doughnut has seven points?

Yes, I joined Weight Watchers this week.  Except for the part where I am starving, it’s going great!!!


“I guess you can sleep in that.”

Telling Callie she can sleep in one of her brothers plain white undershirts.  The girl has more cute jammies than any one person needs, but she wants to look like her brothers!  The excitement was so great I didn’t have the heart to say no!


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