Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, Gannon has turned six.  The dreaded six, for mama anyway.  I mentioned before that for me when the boys turn six, they aren’t little boys anymore.  Yes, I can think of them that way, but they just aren’t.  They are growing up.  :(

Gannon was thrilled to finally have his birthday!  Having to wait through Kellen’s birthday in March and Garrett’s birthday in April is pure torture for him!  Poor guy, his whole life is waiting on time to pass so he can do what they are doing!

Gannon.  I can’t even think of words to describe him.  Isn’t that terrible?!  He is just the sweetest thing, which is probably not what he wants me announcing to the world!  He is quiet and serious and gives me the biggest hugs out of nowhere.  He really loves to draw.  I mean really loves it.  Anytime there is a free second, he is picking up whatever writing utensil is nearby and drawing.  He has such an imagination.  Right now most of the drawings are super-heroes, but they are always involved in some sort of story with many, many angles!

Gannon has made several friends since we moved here and I am so glad!  We have not known many kids his age for him to hang out with so this is such a joy for him.  He loved his co-op class and loves his Bible classes at church where there are so many little boys.  (I mean, big boys!)

Gannon just cracks me up on a daily basis.  He has become quite the master at making his own meals.  He has all of the sudden decided that pretty much anything I make is not something he likes.  He has figured out where meat comes from, so he is too grossed out to eat it.  He has figured out that ketchup is made from tomatoes, so we can’t even drown stuff in ketchup!  I guess at this point I am too tired to fight so he just makes his own sandwich and goes on.  I am banking on the fact that his brothers outgrew this stage, so he will too!

 bloggan4The smile.  Gannon has always, always, had the most infectious, beautiful smile.




Thank you God for Gannon!  Gannon, you have always been such a joy to be around and you just light up a room with your smile.  I always knew I would have a bunch of boys and I’m so glad you are one of them!  Daddy and I love you!!  Your brothers love you and have so much fun with you.  Callie, well, she just flat adores you.  She is so excited to see you every morning and you are so nice to her!  Such a blessing you are to all of us!  Thanks for being you!  You are the best Gannon I know!!

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Kerry said...

LOVE that smile! The picture of you and him--Love it!! Happy Birthday, Big Boy!! :)