Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Her Element

Part of our time lately has been spent at gymnastics.  I have been counting the days until I thought we could work in gymnastics for Callie.  I was so excited when we moved back here to learn that Mrs. Linda was still teaching gymnastics at the Springfield YMCA.  Linda has been teaching gymnastics for 31 years!  I don’t know how many of those years has been at the Y but she has been there at least since the first time we lived here in 2003.  Kellen and Garrett both took from her the other times we lived here and I even worked there!  When we lived here in 2005-2006 I helped with the homeschool and gymnastics programs at the Y and loved working with Linda.  Linda has three boys so we hit it off and always had a good time visiting.

So, when fall came around I signed Callie up for the mommy and me class.  It is so fun and she is totally in her element!  Believe it or not she is my only climber and jumper.  She has been a flipper since she was in my tummy.  They told me when I was pregnant that they would have to watch her up to the last minute because every time we went to the hear the heartbeat she had flipped to a different place!  Luckily she flipped to the right place when it came time!

gymbloggymblog5gymblog2gymblog3gymbblog4    gymblog4As you can see by the big smile on her face she is loving it.  And, she is doing a great job!  I can’t tell you how excited this makes me :).  Finally a sport that I can relate to!  You can see Mrs. Linda in the background of the last picture.  She had already started her next class so I didn’t want to bug her to get a picture with Callie.  We love Mrs. Linda!


Kerry said...

Yeah for Callie!! The smile on her face is priceless! I love the straddle roll pic!

Amy said...

She loves it and you know I do too!