Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blizzard, Snowpocalypse, Snowmagedden, etc., etc., etc…whatever you call it, it’s a lot of snow!

I know we are not the only people to get snow this February.  I think most of the country had a little if not a lot of this snow storm and many people had their own names for this crazy weather!  I don’t think it is a secret how I feel about snow and cold weather.  So, not many pictures or words about the last two week.  Let me just say seeing the sun and the running water down the street today is like heaven on earth to me!


Not a complete white-out since you can see the drainage ditch, but you can’t see much past that!  This is the only snow picture from the whole two weeks because I went and hid after this started!  I really think if I don’t make it to Heaven this will be my hell.  Really.  This is how much I don’t like this weather!

blogc5I had declared the first snow week to be a no-electronics week.  Next time I think I’ll pay more attention to the weather before I do this!  Not really, they really did great amusing themselves most of the time.  Here they are playing Monopoly.  For some reason Garrett and Kellen decided they didn’t want their picture taken.  Excuse the background mess of laundry and half-made curtains!




The guys decided to take matters into their own hands and make some brownies and crumb cake.  I really can’t stand to bake.  I know.  I’m like the anti-mom.  But, I guess the boys have gotten used to it since they are making their own goodies!


It was finally warm enough to go out and really enjoy the snow.  If you like that kind of thing!  The boys were having a snow ball fight across the driveway.  I think Callie is too worried about the snow on her boots to be much help to Kellen’s team!



Callie realized I was taking pictures so she started posing.


Kellen helping Callie over the snow. Smile

We don’t have snow days at the little Foxx Family School of Learning.  (Our official name when we have to have an official name for somethingSmile).  Our superintendent feels we take off more than we need to anyway and since we are stuck in the house, schoolwork is a good activity to pass the time.  So, we spent our days doing school work, playing games and eating brownies.  Sounds like a pretty good blizzard to me, if you have to have a blizzard.


Here is a sneak peak of how I spent my blizzard break.  Yes, finally some color on some walls! Yes, this is many colors, but I did finally narrow it down to one!  I’m actually doing my bedroom first.  Todd and I realized that we’ve never had a painted bedroom.  We have always been last so our bedroom has always been the basic builder beige because we move before we get it painted.  Well not anymore!  I can’t wait to show my finished product!

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