Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not Fair!


Kellen, March 30 ,2011, 2:00 pm



Kellen, March 30 ,2011, 4:00 pm

If my title sounds a bit whiney, it is!  As you can see, Kellen passed a big milestone and got his braces off! So excited for him!  Apparently the orthodontist has a deal with the dentist, they gave him a big box of candy and popcorn!  The reason this is not fair is that I got Invisalign about the same time he got the old-fashioned silver braces since the brochure promised straight teeth in seven months.  Ha!  Guess who graduated from Invisalign to regular braces after 18 months, and still has them on?  Me!  The orthodontist told me when he put the silver braces on my bottom teeth that “it kind of defeats the purpose of having the Invisalign”.  Really Dr. Obvious.  I really like our orthodontist, but I could have done without that comment!

Ok, enough about me.  Kellen’s teeth look great.  He did a great job of taking care of them and has been diligent with his preliminary retainer.  He has always had a great smile, this just adds to his great looks!  Good job Kellen!  (and Dr. Scott!)

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