Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well, I’m coming out of hibernation to write a post about my cousin Lori.  One of the blogs I follow, Kelly's Korner is having a singles link up this weekend.  How fun is this?!  Kelly has done this several times with great success, so I figured, why not?  Lori is one of my favorite people and would be a great catch for some lucky guy!

Lori is my cousin that is 27 and lives in Dallas.  I would love for her to find that special person that has been waiting just for her.  Lori is such in inspiration!  She has some hard knocks in recent years, but she has come out shining.  She loves to work out, especially running.  She is training for her first half marathon, The Cowtown Half in Ft. Worth. I know she will do great!


Lori is pursuing her degree in nursing and is passionate about health and fitness.  She enjoys cooking, especially finding yummy ways to lighten up her favorite recipes.  Lori’s family means the world to her and she is a great friend.


Lori doesn’t mind being at home studying and hanging out, but she loves to get out and dance and have a good time.  Just a fun  person to be around, no matter the location! 

If you are interested in getting to Lori, just leave me a comment and I’ll be sure she gets it!
Thanks for looking!


JS said...
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tiffani LAUREN said...

Hey Amy!
I'm a new blogger and just found your blog and thought it was really cute! I have given you a blog award. I'm not sure if you necessarily qualify for it since I can't see how many followers you have, but I gave it to you anyway, because I just love your blog!!

So check it out here:


jennifer anderson said...
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Tali said...

My little brother Christopher lives in Killeen and he is awesome. He loves the Lord, loves his family, is well educated, has a good job, is up for any adventure, enjoys staying fit, and has a great sense of humor. If Lori is interested I could share some more information and/or pictures via e-mail.

Take care,