Friday, December 18, 2009


Callie turned two December 13. I can't believe how fast two years has flown! I always think time is flying by, but it really has these last two years.

What can I say about Callie?! We are always getting comments about her. She is a friendly, happy little thing. She loves to smile at people and wave. Right now her favorite thing is to wave to the Salvation Army bell ringers. She is so excited to see them! People always comment, "Well you finally got your girl". Or, "Looks like the icing on the cake". Or, "Three big brothers, she'll never have a boyfriend". You name it, we've heard it! I will just say she is definitely the icing on our cake. I never imagined having a girl. Even before we had any kids. Maybe it is because I felt comfortable with little boys, having had two little brothers. Maybe it is because I griped so much about going to Little League games that my mom told me I was going to have a house full of boys. I figured she was always right, so she would be right about this! ha! Or maybe it is because I can't fix hair, makeup or tie bows. God knew better than to give me a girl! Anyway, just never imagined have a daughter. Todd on the other hand, always said he was going to have three boys then a girl. He has a way of getting his way so I should not be surprised this happened!

Now that we have a girl in our family, we of course can't imagine her not being here. She is the cutest little thing. She is so different than the boys. I know you are thinking, obviously. But, I think unless you have one of each you don't realize how different they are. Right now she loves her babies. She mothers them, takes care of them. She cleans up after all of us. She loves to put her laundry away. She got a shopping cart for her birthday. She pushes it around with a piece of paper and pen to cross things of her list! It is so funny! Also a little scary to think about what she watches!

She also thinks that she is much older than two! I think that comes from being a fourth born child. But it is also because she is just too smart! She watches and learns from all of us. Just yesterday when I gave the boys their lists for the day (chores, etc.) she wanted a list too. If I would have told her some things to do, she would have done it! Of course she learns bad with the good. Unfortunately she thinks burping is so funny. I only made it through one child not laughing at things like that! Once you have more than one child, it is impossible to keep them from laughing at stuff like that. But, she also sits pretty still in church, because she has watched her brothers sit still in church. So, I guess I will take the good with the bad!

We didn't have a big party for her, just our little family. I knew our house wasn't ready for a bunch of company and I am still getting settled in from moving. And, she's two. So maybe she'll forgive me! We had a great day though. She was thrilled to be the center of attention. Come to think of it, it was like any other day for her! Ha!

december2009 039a

Callie before church. I made her a little birthday dress. I think it is so cute! We had a ladybug theme for the day. I was really just looking for another justification for buying ladybug shoes!

december2009 041a

Callie and the brothers.

callieclassbirthday When we went to get Callie at Bible class they had made her a birthday crown. How sweet ! The said they had to enlarge to go over the bow! Ha!


She fell asleep on the way to eat. She trying everything to stay awake, but it was already too much excitement!

december2009 126

We chose Red Robin for Callie, since she doesn't really know how to choose a place for her birthday. The boys like to go there for their birthdays and it is always fun. This is the look on her face when they were singing to her. She is not impressed!

december2009 131

She was loving the hot fudge sundae they gave her!

december2009 048aWhile Callie took her nap, the Cupcake Bosses decorated her ladybug cupcakes.

december2009 050a

We didn't get any pics of her blowing out the candles, who knows. But, she wasn't too into the cupcake after she got her fingers dirty.

december2009 055a

Maybe we'll try a fork.

december2009 058a Present time!

december2009 064a

Official videographer.

december2009 072a

I love it when kids sit like this! Flatfooted without falling over :).

december2009 077a

She was only into getting the wrapping off. She could care less what was in the gift. Here she is laying on the gift to make sure all the paper is off.

december2009 085a


december2009 090a

Her new baby and carrier. She was already making sure her "banket" was just right.

december2009 093a

Is this not the cutest shopping cart you have ever seen? She loves it!

december2009 098a

Gannon very kindly showing her how to dress her baby.

december2009 101a

Checking on her baby again.

december2009 099a

Full view of the dress. I just love it! I need to learn how to make bows so we could really be coordinated!

Callie, you are are so sweet and fun for all of us. Your brothers adore you and would do anything for you. You have your daddy wrapped around you finger, it is really sweet to watch. You are my special friend and keep me on my toes! We thank God every day for you and your health and happiness. We are so looking forward to the coming years with you!

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