Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Parties Two and Three

Are we getting tired yet? These aren't technically parties, I guess. Just our little family, but we like to call them parties. Sounds more festive!

Todd decided we would open some gifts on Christmas Eve this year and save Christmas morning for Santa gifts. It was a nice change. It gave us an activity for Christmas Eve night.

Christmas 2009 535a Christmas 2009 545a Christmas 2009 547a Christmas 2009 549a

There were a lot of hugs that night. It was so nice to see the kids giving and receiving so nicely.

Christmas 2009 560a

Before we read the Night Before Christmas. No Christmas Pj's this year. Except Callie of course. I had been looking for gowns for her as she is so against having her feet covered, especially at night. There are not many to be found in her size though. Grandma gave her this one for her birthday, it is so cute! It is just too much sometimes to have everything together, and guys are not really into that anyway! I think Gannon, in his skeleton pj's, forgot what holiday it was!

Christmas 2009 568a

The morning of Christmas, dressed and ready to go!

Christmas 2009 575a

Christmas 2009 580a

Christmas 2009 593a

Christmas 2009 594a

Christmas 2009 595a

Christmas 2009 577

Christmas 2009 605a

We had lot's of great expressions. I guess that meant that Santa did ok!

Christmas 2009 609a

Mama: "Look Callie, here is the charm daddy gave you this year. A ladybug!"

Christmas 2009 610a

Callie" "I don't want a bug." Ok then.

Christmas 2009 617a

I love you anyway daddy :)!

Christmas 2009 621a

Anxiously awaiting to see what Kellen is opening.

Christmas 2009 638a

Callie and her new kitchen. Is this not the cutest kitchen ever? It is just her size and has the cutest pans and utensils. She has cooked and cooked since Christmas. She even washed her hair in the sink!

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