Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Party Four

Christmas Party Four just about didn't happen this year. We were so excited to be further south so that we wouldn't have to deal with weather during the holidays. Then comes the Blizzard of 2009, or whatever title the news stations gave it. It was quite a snow storm. The wind made it so much worse than I think it would have been. That and the fact that apparently Oklahoma only owns two snow plowing trucks and the drivers were out-of-town for the holidays. Just kidding! But, seriously, I love you Oklahoma, but I think you have enough weather to justify some snow trucks. All that being said, we made it. Our plan was to head to Shawnee on Christmas afternoon. We headed that direction but only made it as far as Tulsa before we stopped and got a hotel room and ate at Ihop with the rest of the town of Tulsa! We got to Shawnee the next morning and both my brothers made it, so were set for the day. It was a little short since none of us wanted to drive after it got too dark, but we had a great time. We are all a little nuts so there was lots of laughing and carrying on!

Christmas 2009 652a

The only picture of my mom. The kids were piling gifts on her lap. I didn't even get a picture of my dad. Sorry dad. I'm still don't do a good job of getting everything on camera like I would like.

Christmas 2009 665

Me. I think I'll make this picture tiny so you can't see all the wrinkles!

Christmas 2009 640a

My brother Clay. Amazingly we got a picture of him not making a goofy face.

Christmas 2009 663a

My brother Ryan.

Christmas 2009 647a

Ryan and his wife Dwan. Amazingly we got a picture of Ryan making a goofy face.

Christmas 2009 662a

Madison and Kellen. I can't even look at this picture. Only mothers of twelve year olds would understand.

Christmas 2009 643a

Mallori and Garrett. They are both nine.

Christmas 2009 656a

Gannon. Sorry Mason. I didn't get a picture of you either! I'll get you next time. Gannon and Mason are both five.

Christmas 2009 667a

Gannon: "Good grief it's taking a long time to get to my turn."

Christmas 2009 672a

I love this picture. We were soooooo glad that daddy got to come with us this year. No one can even remember the last time he got to attend family Christmas parties, or any family gatherings for that matter. I love how Garrett and Callie are sitting on him to open their gifts. We love our daddy.

Christmas 2009 678a

Actually I did get a picture of Mason. He and Gannon are in their storm shelter. Ha! Yes, it is true every year, the kids would rather have boxes!

Christmas 2009 679a

Christmas 2009 675a

Madison giving Callie her first manicure.

Christmas 2009 680a

Callie was sooo proud of her nails. She showed them off for days. Even Gannon didn't want her to take a bath because he didn't want her polish to come off.

We had a great day. We laughed and laughed. Ate some good food. Got some great presents. (It is Christmas after all!) As you can see the kids are all very close in age so they have a great time together. I know I've said it many times now, but we are so glad to be close enough to visit family. Thanks Todd!

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