Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Fashion Show

I was excited to find a little time for sewing this Christmas. I would always love to have more, but with everything going on, I was glad to get this much done. I didn't think to take pictures of her standing up so you could see the finished product, so I just cropped the best pics I could find.

Christmas 2009 692ab

This is the tried and true Martha Pullen A-line. It is so easy, takes less than an hour to whip out, and it's reversible, so you get two dresses in one! I have already made too many of these and will probably make many more! This side had a Christmas ornament appliquéd with a C in the middle.

Christmas 2009 568ab

This side of the jumper had this cute Mary Engelbreit fabric. My favorite part you really can't see but along the bottom is says "Is Christmas fun or what?" So cute!

Christmas 2009 680a

This is just a little red tee with Christmas tree appliquéd on it. I love this tree. The red thread swirls to look like garland.

Christmas Pictures 2009 054b

I guess you could say this is her "official" Christmas dress. I smocked white on white then green and red to resemble holly. I love the simple look of it. The only problem is that it is huge! I bought the pattern the next size up from her Easter dress. Well, she hasn't grown enough to need that size. But, it will all work out. She didn't really get to wear it this year since we were out of town on Sundays and churches were cancelled in Oklahoma. So, it should still fit next year. Woo-hoo, one Christmas project that I can cross off the list already!

This is not a homemade Mama project, obviously. But she got it for Christmas from Grandma so I had to include it. Shoes and all. How cute is this? I think Grandma is worried that Callie is destined to be stuck in jumpers and polka-dot shoes forever! And, I think Grandma is also pulling for her to be a the point guard for the OU women's basketball team, so she is just getting her used to Nike's and warm-up suits!

Even an athlete needs to cook!


Kerry Foxx said...

I'm telling you...you should go into business with those adorable toddler clothes!:)

Amy said...

Thanks Kerry! But I don't show pictures of the insides of these things. Sometimes they are barely hanging on!