Monday, January 4, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well

Now that 2009 has come to an end it is time to start planning for 2010. I always look forward to this. Everything seems like such a new beginning. Little things, like the boys need new chores. Big things, like we just moved to a new town, we still need to get out bearings. And it is a time too look back. What was good, what was not so good. I titled this post All's Well That Ends Well since we are ending on a good note. We are happy and healthy and looking forward to 2010. I am going to share some memories of 2009 with you. Bear with me as I stroll down memory lane before I am off to plan those chores for the boys!

January2009 152

Well, not such a good memory to start with, but Callie looked cute, so we'll go with it! In January OU played in the National Championship Football game. They lost. Oh well. As I said, we all looked cute watching!

In February we had our annual candlelight dinner. The boys love it and Callie apparently thought it was a hoot! Kellen and Garrett dressed up as King David and Little David for their class at church.

march2009 008

The highlight of March and the entire year was Kellen being baptized. He decided to be baptized on his birthday by his daddy. It is also his daddy's birthday too, so it was an all around wonderful day. I am still so proud of Kellen for this decision. I have never been so proud!

A few more March memories. I guess March was a big month! For Todd's 40th birthday we redid the basement in an OU theme, what else! I decided I could do in a weekend with out him knowing. My parents, knowing all to well how I bite off more than I can chew, decided to come up and help me. Thank goodness, or it wouldn't have been even close to being done! Then the OU Women's basketball team came to Iowa City for March Madness. So, my parents came back a week later and we joined them at the games. My mom is a huge fan! We had a good time.

In April we celebrated Garrett's ninth birthday. If he looks hot and sweaty, he is. That is Garrett's usual look as he is always playing ball, running, jumping, anything athletic like that! We also celebrated Easter. I smocked my first dress for Callie and was so excited that it fit and didn't look too bad to wear!

In May we celebrated Gannon's fifth birthday. He got a Jeep and a bike, so he is covered for transportation! Mother's Day is a great day of course. Look at all I have to be thankful for! And, we started baseball season, in the rain. But, as long as we have a cute raincoat, who cares!

In June it was more of the same. Baseball, baseball, baseball. We enjoy watching Kellen and Garrett play and they enjoy playing. June was finally warm enough to swim and play outside. In Iowa there is not much time for that!

July was busy with baseball. Kellen playing in the All-Star game for his league. Mama and Daddy celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary! The kids and I made a two week trip to Oklahoma and had a great time! We visited family, went to the zoo, played and played in Grandma and Grandpa's creek. It was a great time!

In August we took a family vacation to Chicago, Michigan, and Indiana. We had such a fun time. Lots of just meandering around but we packed a lot into a few days! In August we found out we were moving to Springfield. With Todd's job you are always waiting for the next move, but when it finally comes, it is so bittersweet.

September. What can I say about September 2009. At the time it is a month that I never wanted to think about again. But, as always, time helps get rid of that feeling. Todd was already in Springfield working and the kids and I were left to finish remodeling our house and get it on the market. We did it. With the help of a lot of people! But, the ol' house cleaned up nice and we sold it in three weeks. W00-hoo!

October was a busy, busy time. We traveled to Springfield to look for a house, we sold our house, we tried to fit in as many visits with friends as we could, we packed, we moved. Goodness. Makes me tired to even think about it! The best part of the month was getting to be back with daddy every day. We missed him!

I didn't take many pictures in November. I wonder why!? The month was spent unpacking and settling in to our house in Nixa. We did enjoy Thanksgiving here at home then traveled to Shawnee the day after to enjoy family there.

December was a fun month. One highlight was celebrating Callie's second birthday. Time does fly! I can't believe what all has happened in the two years she has been around. Then all the holiday parties. I of course loved all of this as you can tell if you read my blog! We were so blessed this month!

Well, I was going to try to pick one thing for each month, but it wasn't possible. I didn't realize our 2009 was so packed! No wonder I am tired :). These are just a few highlights. I am a big believer in the little things in life. The things you don't get pictures of. I think these are the keys to a happy life. I have so many happy memories, big and little, of this year that the bad memories are already getting crowded out. (It doesn't take much in my little brain!)

Here's hoping you have as many great memories in 2009! Praying for a happy, safe and memorable 2010!

p.s. I tried something new with my pictures this time since I was ending up with so many. I don't know why it says "View Full Album" all the way down. Some may have extra pictures there, most don't. Sorry about that! It would take me to long to change it all, so we're just going to live with it.

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