Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm Terrible

I am terrible. I admit it. Confession time. First, sometimes I run the dishwasher when it is not full. I try to fill it up, but occasionally it is not completely full and I run it anyway. I need an empty dishwasher when I cook, especially at dinner time, so I run it, full or not.

I also say or do things to my kids to make my life easier. Does that make me terrible? I think so.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we made a trip to Wal-mart. I don't remember what we needed, but it must have been important for me to haul four kids there on a Saturday afternoon. While we were there I heard them announce that Santa was in the store. I decided that we would walk by, get Callie used to the idea of Santa. (She is not too fond of anyone in costume!) We head to the back of the store and I casually mention to Callie, "Hey look , there is Santa Claus". She flipped out. Literally. She screamed. Santa screamed. Customers screamed. I didn't scream because I was being choked. I thought I was going to have to have Kellen resuscitate me! (He's taken first aid you know.) Callie jumped from her seat in the basket to me in half-a-second. This is what caused all the screaming and choking. She was like some kind of flying squirrel! Well, that plan didn't work. As we were walking off I could hear Santa still talking about how he had never seen a little kid jump like that.

Now we get to the terrible mom part. A few days later, on the following Tuesday actually, we went back to Wal-mart. Garrett decided that what he got his brothers for Christmas he didn't want to give anymore. So being the great mom I am, I agreed to take him back. (That and the fact that we didn't have any milk.) The trip was taking way to long as Garrett couldn't make up his mind. I told him we could go somewhere else, gave him suggestions. He just was too excited and wanted to buy them way too much. Callie was not behaving, at all. In a light bulb moment I told her we were going to go find Santa. (He was not there, mind you.) She instantly sat down and started minding. She is not worried about what he is going to bring her, she is worried she might actually have to see him! Is that a lie? I never said Santa was there. I just told her we were going to find him.

I hope I never have the urge to take her to see Santa. I think that idea is ruined for a long, long time!

I know, terrible, just terrible. In my defense, I have four kids and a husband that works retail. So, we won't see him until December 26. Sometimes I just have to make it through the day!


Totally unrelated to the above post. But I don't have any pictures from our many trips to Wal-mart. You've seen one Wal-mart, you've seen them all!

This is my first attempt at pigttails for Callie. How cute is this? Terrible picture with my phone, but I was trying to hurry before she pulled them out. Not to worry, she left them in for two hours! Her daddy and brothers were gone and she was soooo excited to show them when they got home. They of course when nuts over her hair. I pity her husband some day...


Colleen said...

Hi Amy--love the new layout! Poor Callie, hopefully she'll get over the Santa fear. Is she afraid of Santa in books? --Colleen

Amy said...

Thanks Colleen! She is not afraid of Santa in books, etc. She doesn't like anything in a costume. They had a cow dressed up like Santa a couple of weeks ago at Chick-Fil-A and that is all she talks about now. I hope she is not scared of Chick-Fil-A!