Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oil Change, take two

For the three of you that read my blog, you know that I can't stand to take my car in for oil changes, etc.  We did not have a great experience the last time I took it in Iowa.  I try my best to schedule oil changes, etc. when Todd is able to do it.  But, before Christmas, I knew the oil needed changed before we traveled for the holidays  and that Todd would have no time to do that.  He barely has a day off and I knew he would not want to spend it at the car place.  So, off we went.
Well, this was a little better than our time in Iowa.  It is not close to anything we can walk to, so we had to stay put.  But, they had a decent waiting area complete with a separate child's area with a slide.  So, the kids had a good time.  Those places are never clean enough for me, but I just tried not to look.  A few germs are good for kids, right?
I'm telling you all this because I've wanted to post this video clip since we were there.  We were cracking up!  The thing with plastic toys inside with heating is the static electricity.  It didn't take long before the kids figured this out and had a great time seeing how much static they could get and shock each other.  It, of course, did not phase Callie.  She thought it was the funniest thing ever!  Of course her ever accommodating brothers let her run into them over and over again.  If you turn your sound up really loud, you can hear the shock when she gets close to them. 
Callie's Shock
Callie's Shock 2

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Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

OK...so listening to it with the volume up high is also a little shocking when Garrett gets his shock...but Callie's laugh is absolutely contagious!!!