Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Day of Spring

I know the first day of spring is not until Friday, but for us it was yesterday. We declared it our own holiday. The temps were in the 60's and we got to go outside and play! I got to open my new front door and the windows and enjoy the weather!
By the time we moved into our house in late October, we didn't have many days left to play in our new yard. The kids had a great time yesterday exploring their own backyard. I had a great time having them out for a while! :) Of course we have tons of mud thanks to recent rain and thawing snow. They couldn't resist even though I asked them not get in the mud. Callie even went out. We're blessed with a big deck off the kitchen so I could be in the kitchen and she could be out. She loved it. By the end of the day she had mud on her and a hole in her shirt. She loves being outdoors. I am anxious for the mud to dry so we can take inventory and see what we'll need to do to have a presentable yard. Todd and I neither one are green thumbs. I feel sorry for our neighbors, the people who lived here previously worked in the yard everyday. Like I said, I hope we can at least make it presentable! We would love to not have base paths permanently embedded in our grass, but their may be no hope for that. If the boys aren't playing ball, they're climbing trees. I think I would rather them play ball!
Here's to Happy Spring! My favorite time of year!

Callie found the mud puddle. Making some kind of mud pie I am sure!

Muddy boys after a day in the yard.

Happy Spring, day 2! Yes, she's playing in dress! You can still play outside in dresses:)

Trying to get a video of Callie talking. She is quite the jabberer these days! Of course she is in the stage of wanting to come to the camera when she sees it so it's not so easy.

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