Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They're Baaaack

Yes, Grandma and Grandpa are back. No, it is not some kind of emergency. They did not miss us terribly and want to hurry back up here. It is because the OU Women's basketball team is playing an hour away and they (really mom) wanted to see them play, in case it was their last games of the season. So, they got here Saturday. A lot more relaxing visit this time, we are not undertaking any huge remodeling projects!

We all went to the basketball game on Sunday. It was fun. I'm not a big sports fan of any particular sport, but I don't mind going to see things in person. Watching it on TV, yuk. Going too many times to a sports event, also yuk. (9000 little league baseball games comes to mind.) But, we had a good time. I know mother is secretly trying to get women's basketball in Callie's head, since I had no interest in it. I hate to tell her it doesn't look like Callie is going to be any taller than we are, so not sure it will really work! I did play one season at the Y, I think! I vaguely remember running up and down the court. I think I might have put that memory out my mind. A lot of running for no reason since I can't make a goal to save my life. But, going on Sunday to the game was fun. Callie got a kick out of all the action and she was really into the clapping! Gannon had a good time too, he hasn't been to any OU sports things so he liked hearing Boomer Sooner live and seeing all the OU stuff. I think Garrett was a little disappointed. He asked me about ten minutes into to game if they were not allowed to dunk. The way mother talks about Ashley and Courtney Paris I think he was thinking it was going to be like watching Lebron James (famous pro player, I know these names because I live with four boys:)).
OU did win, so they will play again tonight. Grandma and Grandpa and any boys interested will be going back to watch. The game is not until 8:30 so Callie and I won't go. Todd can't really go because he has to leave early to go out of town for the day tomorrow. It's a shame it's so late, mother says its because of TV. The game Sunday was at 6:00, so that worked out perfect. I guess Grandma and Grandpa will be on their way home tomorrow some time. I think Callie will wonder why they don't show up again in a couple of weeks. Maybe they will!

All dressed, ready for some March Madness! Grandma already looks like she has had some madness!

I know your not surprised, of course Callie had to wear her cheerleader suit. No cheerleader is complete without a giant bow. She would have worn bigger if she would have had one!

Ready! OK! (Cheerleader lingo, in case you didn't know:))

Mama and Callie.

Callie, Garrett and Gannon. No joke, Callie is intently watching the cheerleaders, not the ball game. Sorry mother! Of course Callie could have been wondering where the cheerleaders clothes were. We didn't wear things like that at Oklahoma Christian!

Callie was all about the popcorn!

Garrett was all about the ice cream!

Callie was really, really into the clapping. She clapped no matter who people were clapping for!

Garrett and I took turns holding down Callie's seat. He looks thrilled about it! He is a great big brother and helped her the whole game without grumbling. Thank you Garrett!

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