Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter, part one

I guess I had too much to say today and wonderful Yahoo won't let me put it all on one post, so here is part one!

Easter is my favorite holiday. I don't know if it is my favorite because it is spring, or because it is an excuse to get pretty new clothes. Or, because it brings back such good memories from when I was little. At Easter time there is not so much going on, like there is at Christmas, so I think it is easier to enjoy. Of course, here in Iowa, it is always a little anti-climactic since we can't get together with extended family. I love my family, and I try to make the best of it with our little six, but it always seems like something is missing.

Growing up we had the privilege of going to Grandma and Grandpa Lanier's every Easter. Our family would go to church then head to Grandma's. We always started with the obligatory pictures in our Easter clothes. Always over by the front door, crowded around the chair. Then we could change clothes. No changing until after pictures! Holly and I would always, always set the table and fix the drinks. Somehow Grandma always had all the food ready. I don't know how, because she was at the same church , the same time we were. I don't remember ever waiting until like three to eat. (Like my family does on holidays, even though I am cooking for just us!) I don't remember anything ever being burned, like we always have in the Foxx house. I make the same exact rolls she does, but she never had butter running all over the oven like I do, how does that happen? Burned butter smell, yum! (not really!) Anyway, we would hunt eggs forever. She always had just enough plastic eggs, and we smart enough to count them so we would know when we had found them all. There was always an egg hiding in the clothes line post. She had the best yard for egg hunts! After we were older, we would hunt eggs, then ride the golf cart around. All the cousins were there. Holly, Todd, Chad, and Lori. Luckily Lori came along later, so we always had a little one to hunt eggs with. It seemed like for years nothing changed. I guess that is the magic of childhood. I am sure to our parents things were always changing, but to us, it didn't seem that way. I miss that for our kids. We never know where we will be from one holiday to the next! I try to make it the same for us, no matter where we are or who is around. We have our own Foxx family traditions. Hopefully when my kids are grown that is what they will remember, not that we were always in a different house! We are truly blessed, I hope too that I can impress that upon them. I think we always knew when we were little how blessed we were, some things you just don't have to be told.

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