Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter part two, this year it's all about the dress...

We had a nice Easter. The weather was nice enough. The warmest we have had in Iowa to date, so that was good! Last year we had snow! The highlight for me was making Callie's dress. I really do enjoy sewing and have never had an excuse to make much. I have always begged the boys to go as girls for Halloween so I could make dresses for them, but I never had any takers! I would recommend starting sooner than a week before Easter! Yes, it can be hazardous to your health, or maybe the health of people around you. My family was very patient as I spent every free minute sewing. I think they knew how much I was enjoying it, so they were all excited for me. We ate out too much, and I didn't get enough sleep, but I was happy with the result. This is my first time smocking, it was so fun! The only problem I had is that the DVD a friend loaned me had all the directions for right-handed smocking. Guess what, I am left-handed! So, I did the whole thing right-handed. After I got the hang of it, it wasn't so bad, but I think it did take me a little longer! Of course if I hadn't waited until the week before Easter to start, I would have tried to look up left-handed smocking, but I was afraid to change up anything with such a short time to work. The Internet was a huge help. Any time I had a question about a stitch, I could look it up and find a video someone had done. Made it so much easier! I can't wait to make more things like this. Note, to self, start Christmas dress next week!

We tried and tried to get some good pics, but Callie will not sit still! So, here is what we came up with...

Look how sweet, Garrett getting her dress all straightened up.:)

Notice the blurr as Callie tries to make a run for it.

I think Gannon is getting a little frustrated!

I really wanted her to sit on someones lap, but she was being held against her will.

Finally, she would sit and smile. But, she had to be smack dab in the middle, doing what her brothers were doing!

You can see the dress a little better, and the bonk of her head where she fell off the couch!

She is talking (and moving) in this pic, I'm sure telling me how this was all going to go down.

We tried after church to take some pics outside. This was tricky since it is soooo muddy. There are no flowers blooming around here, so not really a "springy" place to go either. I think we'll try again in a few weeks for some more posed shots.

Look at her sweet curls:)

She's making a run for it, we're done!

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