Saturday, April 18, 2009


Patience, I have none! I really am such an impatient person. I know, patience is a virtue, love is patient, blah, blah, blah! This is just not something I can master. I think I do OK with my kids. For some reason I can be patient with them more than any other area of my life. I think I am most impatient with myself. I want everything done yesterday. I want to know what is going to happen, right now. I don't want to wait and see what God has planned for my life. I really get myself worked up to a standstill because I have so many things I want to do, and no patience to stop and get them done. For example, I am reading three books. I can't wait to finish one before I start on the next one! I am trying. I have decided this is my next mission, to learn to be patient!

Callie is sick today. She has a 101 degree temp. :( Not good for the day I am going to work on being patient! All she wants me to do is hold her. She is at the stage where she points and grunts while you are holding her so that you'll get where she wants you to be. All morning we have ended up in her room in the rocking chair. She just wants me to sit and rock her. I am happy that I can stop and rock her. I've managed to read one of my books! But, of course there are three others in the house that need attention, laundry, garage sale to get ready for, food to prepare, on and on... I will be patient, I will be patient, I will be patient. :)

Just in case your looking for something read, I have been reading these books: The House Always Wins by Marni Jameson. Very funny and insightful about building, decorating, etc. your home. Not too far into it, but so far she has covered why our homes will never look like model homes or TV homes. The main reason is because no one lives there! So far I am really enjoying it.

Next is How Lincoln Learned to Read. So far love this one too. It is about education in America. This is probably not for everyone. It is about some famous characters in history and how they were educated. Of course not all of them had the formal education one might think, but some did. Of course people know I am all for the not so traditional path, so this is interesting so far. A great way to see how one's path is shaped. And a good one to encourage parents, not to worry so much, most kids seem to make their own path, regardless of the path their parents try to put them on! At least the people I have read about so far have.

The other is by Dr. Laura. I think she is funny, I like how she tells it like it is! It's called In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms. Title is pretty self-explanatory. I picked it up at Sam's one day when I was there at 8:15 pm, about three hours later than I wanted to be there, having one of those days! I figured any praise was better than nothing that day! But I have enjoyed it. I like that she appreciates the sacrifice that some make to stay home and the constant struggle between balancing working and staying home, which is what most people do it seems. Dr. Laura has almost always worked, even with a small child, but her primary job was mommy. I, of course, think this is the most important job of all:)!

Here is a video of Callie, she has started saying night-night, so cute. She can say quite a few words, but will not say them when you ask. It all has to be her idea! I think she will try my patience for many years to come!

Callie has decided to try sewing. Twice she has pushed all the right buttons to make the machine start automatically!


Colleen said...

Amy, that video of Callie talking is adorable! She is getting so big!--Colleen

Lauren Alexander said...

Too cute! I thought I was the most impatient person ;-)