Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Long Time, No Post

It has been busy, busy at the Foxx house the last couple of weeks. Todd was on vacation last week, which cuts down on my "free time"! He is blessed with four weeks vacation, so we decided this one would be well spent working on our house. There were too many projects not finished, and we still had things that needed unpacked, arranged, gotten rid of, you name it! Initially we were going to have a garage sale, but by the time we started dragging stuff out, I was overwhelmed. So, Todd spent the week running to Goodwill and ReStore. We still have a garage full of kids clothes. I had some friends come over and look through them, now I am trying to decide if I want to take them to consignment or Goodwill. Decisions! It is so nice to have the house de-cluttered! Todd was so much help since we all know I take way to long to make decisions. He does not seem to be emotionally attached to every piece of junk that comes through our house! I still need to go through books and fabric. I don't know if I can part with any of it, but maybe I can organize it better:(. Now its on to bathroom remodeling. Yippee! I know you all are jealous! (Not really!) I am very excited to get it done, I just don't like things being out-of-sorts.

While I was "away", Kellen got braces. He looks very old. It is amazing how much his teeth have already moved. Daddy took the boys to get haircuts, they came home with no hair! Baseball has started and Kellen is having a much better year. Kellen had the worst baseball coach we have ever encountered last year. It was really hard to even keep going. Luckily, things are much better this year! Golf has also started. It is spring golf so it's only 1 1/2 hours a week, but he loves it. Kellen is all about the outfits, so he looks very sporting every week in his golf clothes, I don't know how good he is, but he looks good! He will be excited for summer golf, He'll get to spend a lot more time on the course.

Garrett has also started golf and baseball. He is in his element. Anything that involves sports is Garrett's favorite thing. He is always pretty good, he seems to be able to pick up anything pretty quickly. He is still so small for his age, I hate that for him. But, I know it won't be forever. It always surprises people though when he participates in something, they think he is a lot younger than he is. Garrett's second favorite thing to do is handyman projects. So, he enjoyed last week too. He is always willing to help do things around the house and does a good job. Thank goodness, none of the rest of us seem to interested!

Gannon is anxiously awaiting his fifth birthday. He is not playing any sports. We have our kids wait until they are six to start anything "official". Gannon especially. He learns more playing in the backyard with his brothers than he would on a t-ball team full of kids that don't know where first base is! He would go nuts! He hangs in there with all the kids in the neighborhood, so he'll be more than prepared to play whatever he chooses when the time comes. And, it saves me from sitting at more sports activities and trying to keep up with more schedules! I know the time is coming, but no reason to start it before we have to!

Callie. All I can say is that she is busy. I have had two different people ask me in the last couple weeks what I thought about leashes for kids. I answered them honestly that I used to think they were terrible. I thought to myself those parents should just teach those kids to mind. Well, that was before I had a runner. My boys never left my side (still don't!). Callie, she could care less. You can already tell that she pretty much thinks I am a waste of her time! She tried to steal some toys at TJMaxx last week. They had a display set up by the checkout, she grabbed what she wanted and took off for the door. This is a new dilemma for me, I seriously have never had to worry about the boys running off. To make matters worse, she is like Houdini. Her stroller and her highchair have five-point harnesses, meaning, they are supposed to fasten her in five different places. She can get out of the straps. Of course she is so cute, it is hard not to just laugh at her! She is talking more. She can say shoes, imagine that! She says no, no. She loves to watch the dogs outside. Our neighbors got a new invisible fence for their two dogs so she has had a blast watching them outside training the dogs. About the only thing that keeps her still for more
than a few minutes at a time!

Callie's brothers made her a playhouse out of the dishwasher box a couple of weeks ago. She thought she was big time!

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