Monday, May 11, 2009

Visit From Family, yay!

Towards the end of Todd's vacation his parents were able to come visit for a few days. We were happy to have them come. We were worried they may not be able to for a while since Todd's grandma's fall. They got here on Friday then left the following Monday. They had not been here since we bought our house. I wish we could have more done, but we didn't, nothing I could do about it!

We enjoyed just visiting on Friday. On Saturday we drove to Galena, IL. It is a nice little town to walk around in. For our Southern friends, it is similar to Eureka Springs, with a little more history. There is a house that Ulysses S. Grant lived in, among other things. We toured it last time we visited there, so we didn't go this time. The weather was perfect! Just a nice sunny day. After we left we drove to Wisconsin so Roy and Charlene could say they had been there! Galena is near where Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin meet, the NE corner.

Sunday we went to church then Charlene and I hit the town. She has been here enough now that we know our favorite stores. We always have a good time shopping! This time we didn't even take Callie. I know the day will come where she will enjoy coming with us, but right now, it is not so fun for any of us!

The time went by way to quick. I wish we were closer so that family could come more often. But, this is where we are, for whatever reason! Only God knows.:)

Poppa Roy, Nana Charlene, Kellen, Garrett, Gannon, and Callie

Callie, telling Nana something very important I am sure!

Callie and Nana

Callie and Poppa

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