Monday, May 11, 2009

Three Down, Thirty More To Go!

The boys have started their baseball games. Three down, only thirty plus to go (depends on tournaments at the end of the season). They haven't won a game, but we don't care. They have nice coaches, which makes all the difference in the world! I haven't remembered to take their pictures in their uniforms yet. (Bad mama!) When I do, I'll add some. :)

They were asked to try out for tournament teams. Kellen wasn't too interested. Garrett was really interested! Todd said no, and I was glad. Tournaments every weekend on top of the regular team they are on. Too much. Like Todd said, Garrett is only nine. If he is still interested and continues to improve, he'll always be able to do things like that. Phew!

The games really make our days short. They are generally in the evenings at 6:00. We have to eat at 4:30 to get to the games on time. Which means no family meal, don't like that! We have to load up the car like we are going on vacation. Chairs, strollers, drinks, snacks, toys, coats, jackets, blankets, the kitchen sink...not really, but it seems like it! The first night we got to the fields, we unloaded and realized we had brought a tent. No joke. The boys loaded up the chairs for me and we have a little tent that is packaged up in a carrier like the chairs are. At the game, we drug it all out before we realized what it was, of course then we couldn't get it back in the case. Todd about died!

Gannon and Callie are hanging in there so far. The only drawback about the teams is that there
are not any little siblings to play with, at least that we've seen so far. Of course Callie doesn't care, she thinks she should be part of the "bratpack". You know the group of kids that run random all over the park, the kids you wonder where their parents are. She takes off from me, as we've discussed before. She was content to sit in the stroller the first game, after that, she was wanting to run around. I don't do that. I don't think kids should be running amuck anywhere, even at a ballfield. I have no problem with them playing around the field we are at, but that is it. I don't know how parents can let kids run out of their sight. Makes me feel like I have to be watching all the kids all the time!

It rained the second night of baseball. The boys both had games but luckily they were at fields next to each other so we could walk back and forth. We didn't mind the rain too much, it wasn't hard rain and Callie was able to sport her new rain coat! (Thanks, Laura!)

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