Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Fun! (Lots of pics :))

We are so excited to be in a neighborhood with so many kids. We have never lived in a neighborhood with this many kids, and most all of them are boys. What are the chances? School is out for Bettendorf so activities abound outside. We weren't planning to be done for a couple of more weeks, but things aren't going so well now! We were planning to "have school" a day or two a week all summer anyway, so that may be starting now. It is too hard to sit at a table for a few hours when the sun is shining and kids are having fun right outside your window! But, that is the beauty of homeschooling, we can be flexible! I love it!

So far all the kids around seem to be nice kids and so far they are all getting along. They bigger boys are all so nice to Gannon, making sure he is included. They are even nice to Callie when she ventures out in the mix. We are truly so blessed to have found this house that fits our family and has a great yard to play in. I am always so happy when I feel like I understand a little part of God's plan for our lives. Kellen and Garrett really needed a "gang" to run around with. They have friends at church and from some of the outside classes they go to, but it is not the same as the neighborhood. This came along at just the right time for them. Funny how God seems to know these things!

We have had, almost, a couple of Terry Smith episodes. I won't go into details of that story to protect the people involved (my mom:)), but at least my brothers and mom know what I am referring to! Let's just say, the kids are feeling comfortable enough to just come on in when they come to the door. I am glad about that, but not used to having anyone besides just us wandering around my house! Poor Terry Smith, he was the neighbor kid who wandered in our house when I was young, I don't think any of us will forget the last day he did!

Speaking of Grandma, she got to come for another visit. She was here almost a week. The boys were begging for us to do something fun instead of "always making her work". I don't think I exactly make her do anything! But, she offers, like I'm going to turn that down! We had a nice time. Not too much work:). We hung curtains and blinds, finally! Went through books and fabric. I definitely needed help with that. I can't let some things go. I rarely find a book that I don't like, especially for kids. But, we managed to take four boxes to Half Price Books to sell. Yahoo! She also loves to take pics and has a reeeeally nice camera, so I'll have a lot more pics to post thanks to her.

Here is the gang playing basketball. Kellen, Gannon, and Garrett are the three to the right. The little ones, of course :).

Garrett with the ball. They said his nickname is "The Baller". Apparently that is a good thing.

I love this one. The big boys are holding Gannon (red shirt) up so he can dunk it. I am far away so I don't embarrass my boys by taking pictures of them playing outside. I'm sure that is not cool!

We had a clothesline in the backyard that had seen better days. Todd took it down last week when he mowed. Thanks to Grandma it became a fort. I had a dental appointment so she was home with them. She said they were getting a little rowdy with sticks so they decided to build a fort with a campfire. What a novel idea. If would have been here I would have yelled at them for playing with sticks and made them all sit down. ;)

Kellen with the cord from the clothesline.

Callie is ready to help!

Would someone please e-mail her daddy and convince him she needs a swingset/junglegym!

The finished product. See, I knew it would come in handy to leave the sleds out even after the snow had gone!

Callie trying on her brothers shoe:).

Some kind of pow wow with Kyle and Amanda, our backyard neighbors. No, Kyle is not trying to suffocate himself. The boys said he had the mesh ball bag and was being a cat :o).

I'm pretty sure she is trying to order someone to push her around in the wheelbarrow.

Enjoying the Jeep. How do those knees taste Garrett?

Maybe it's just me, but I don't know if I like that daredevil look on his face!

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