Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now maybe it's summer time!

Well, nice weather has finally hit the Quad Cities. I guess better late than never! We were wearing jackets and sweatshirts to all the ballgames lately, yuck! I really need to move south! I think it is finally time to plant without a chance of frost so the kids and I got busy doing yard work. It was such a nice day! We had our lessons in the morning then spent several hours working in the nice spring weather outside. Our neighbor on one side is apparently really good and knowledgeable about plants, growing things, etc. I am not. I try, but my memory is terrible, I can barely remember what plants are called let alone what to do with them! Well, she was out and came over to give us some help. Do you think she could tell we were desperate? She said she has been itching to come over and take care of some of the stuff in our yard for years. Apparently the previous owners were not taking care of some things "horticulturally correct". Not even sure what that means, but some of our things are looking better! She was a great help and really taught the boys the proper way to do some of the yard work, it was like a field trip in our own backyard! The boys had a great time sawing, digging, etc. We found the hugest worm I have ever seen. Garrett had just studied worms at science last week so he enjoyed telling us all about it, actually pretty gross. Then it was off to Garrett's ballgame. They lost but he got a great hit. I think he is finally getting the hang of kid-pitch. He is scheduled to pitch in their next game. That makes me a nervous wreck, but he is excited about it!

Kellen and Gannon

Garrett with his safety goggles. Safety first!

Kellen pruning a bush, tree, I don't really know, but it's outta here!

Can you tell she just woke up? Looks a little dazed!

These are the looks I get when I try to take her picture. Any time she sees the camera she just runs up to me. Ugh!

This is Callie watching her daddy mow. She was done with her dress so she was wandering around with just her bloomers on. Too cute! This is not the floor she is standing on, she is up on the window seat, even though she knows she is not supposed to. I guess it is too tempting!

This is another mama creation. I love the pattern, it was a new one for me. It's called a bubble dress. I'm not crazy about my fabric choices. I like the fabrics by themselves, but not really together. I just thought she needed more pink so I added pink to the top! I probably should have just used yellow all around. It's also a little big, oh well. It's hard to measure and try on clothes with a seventeen month old!

She apparently was starving after we got home from church and eating lunch, so she is eating bread with peanut butter. My only hope for getting her still for a picture was to bribe her with food!

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Lauren Alexander said...

Cute pictures!

I promise next time I visit my dad (who lives in Eldridge) I'll let you know! It would be so fun to visit :-D