Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Garrett!

I am a little behind on posting our life, it is a crazy life! The most exciting thing last week was Garrett's birthday. I can't believe he is nine! The best thing about birthdays in our house is that there is no school. Believe me, this was something he was looking forward to for days! I guess by the world's standards, our family birthdays are pretty low-key. Part of this is because I don't really see the point any more. We've done the big blow-up moonwalks, kids running amuck in our house, renting places, renting horses, etc. A lot of stress and money for what? I know, one could say it makes the child feel special, but I'm not so sure. Now that being said, if we were to live closer to our extended family, we would do something bigger. Any time to get family together is important. Hopefully we will live closer some day so Gannon and Callie can have some bigger parties. They have not had all the "stuff" like Kellen and Garrett have. I would hate to carry that mommy guilt around the rest of my life!

Besides no school, the birthday person gets to pick what to do for the day. Garrett wanted to go to Toys R Us and look for a basketball goal. We had an outdoor goal that we didn't bring with us when we moved. There is not really a place for it here, and the boys didn't use it that much. But, Garrett had decided that was all he wanted and was sure he had seen one that he could use inside. He thought if I could just move my curio cabinet out of the living room, he could put it in the corner and wa-la (is that a word?), he would have an instant basketball court. Sorry Garrett, not going to happen!

It happened that Todd was off on Garrett's birthday, April 7, and it was Garrett's turn to go to breakfast with him. So, Garrett started out the day with Todd. Then, we opened gifts and hit the road, in search of the perfect goal. Toys R Us had a goal to go over the door that was not cardboard. The Nerf hoops now are not worth having, or so I am told. Todd apparently had the perfect hoop for his door growing up and "they are not the same" now. So, we bought the not cardboard goal. But, that was not the one he had in mind, so we went to Target, still no goal. So, we went to Wal-mart, not there either. I don't know if the goal he thought wanted was in a dream, or if we just couldn't find it anywhere. Oh well, he has been happy with the goal for the door. It is in the living room, for now. He put it up on the door to the laundry room. We have a new door to put up, so when that goes up, the party is over! He chose to go to Texas Road House for dinner, so we finished the night with dinner out. He thought he would like to go to a movie or something, but there is not anything on worth watching. (Surprise, surprise!) So, doesn't sound like much of a day, but we were all together, which rarely happens. Garrett loves being with daddy, so that was a great present! All in all, a good day!

We did have a lunch pizza party last Friday with our friends Laura, Ryan and Emily. We enjoy spending time together and they have been busy getting their house ready to sell, so we haven't seen much of them the last couple of weeks. And, it worked it well as they had two people wanting to see their house during the lunch hour! It's always fun to stretch your birthday out for a few days too! But, I think Garrett's birthday is over. Gannon's is in May. I think he is beginning to think it will never get here! It's hard to wait through three birthday's to get to yours. Baseball starts this week, so our simple life is over for the next three months. More about that later. Garrett is in his element though, he could play some kind of ball all day every day.

Garrett is such a blessing to our family. He has the sweetest personality, I'm sure he wouldn't want me to mention it, but he does. He is always there with a hug, and is sooo sweet to Callie. He is a lot of fun to be around and does a pretty good job at going with the flow. Something we all need in this crazy house! He is doing great in school this year. He is especially learning more about the Bible, which makes me so proud. Garrett loves to build things, put together things, figure out things. So, these last few months have been great for him, and he has been a lot of help with our house. Lastly, he is a hard worker. If you get him going, he will work away on his chores and even do things he sees that need to be done, without being told! Can't ask for more from a nine-year-old! I still can't believe he is nine-years-old. Makes me sad. I guess I expect Kellen to get older, he's is the oldest. But, the rest of them need to stay little! I can't imagine what it is going to be like for them all to be grown up.

Stay tuned for my next post, how to make an heirloom Easter dress in one week. (Caution, this could be hazardous to your health!). :)

Garrett with his OKC Thunder "guy".

At Texas Roadhouse they have you sit on a saddle and the waitstaff all says "yee-haw". Callie wasn't sure what was going on!

Garrett chose brownie sundaes instead of a cake. He picked out all kinds of sprinkles and toppings for his brownies and ice cream. Yum! Yes, he is all hot and sweaty from playing with his new basketball goal.

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