Monday, March 22, 2010

Budding Artist

I am not an artist.  I wish I was.  My mom is an artist.  My brothers are both good at drawing and “arty” things.  Apparently I missed that gene!  I am also not so quick sometimes.  Let me explain…
Kellen and Gannon both love to draw and do a great job.  Garrett does a great job drawing, but I wouldn’t say he loves to do it!  So, being the not–so–quick homeschool teacher that I am, it never occurred to me to push some sort of art besides drawing, painting, etc.  Garrett is very much a hands on person.  You need a cabinet built, he’s your man.  Need your pencil sharpener fixed when your two old tries to sharpen something besides a pencil, again, he’s your man.  (This has happened so much at our house I think he could go into business fixing pencil sharpeners!)  Need someone to work hard until the job is done, he’s your man. 
Luckily, the co-op leaders are smarter than I am!  All the art projects they have worked on this semester are hands-on, right up Garrett’s alley.  These are the projects he has brought home so far.
Garrett’s planet Saturn.
bloggarrett2Garrett’s horse head made out of clay.  I am quite impressed, he was really attentive to the details and it actually looks like a horse head!  If I tried this, you would not know what it was!
garrettblog3 garrettblog4
garrett1He made this at home with Play-doh a couple of weeks ago.  I think this is so cool!
Hopefully we can find a creative niche for him now that I see what he really enjoys and is good at.  I remember my brother Ryan sitting for hours making things out of clay.  He would have whole dioramas set up, just for the fun of it!  Tiny little people and battles and whatever else went with the scene.  He really could have gone into business doing that, if there is a business doing that! :)
So, I am just so excited for Garrett!  And I am excited for me!  It’s good to wake up and figure something out once in a while!


Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

Very, very good horse!! That would be difficult I would think...

I also would like to second the motion that Garrett is the 'git-r-done' boy of your three:) I remember some endless cabinet sanding!!

And lastly...what a fabulous chair he's posed on!!!

Kerry said...

Maybe Garrett and Jack could go into business together! He's fixed the sharpener in my classroom a few times---LOVES to fix things!

Outstanding horse! He could enter that into an art contest--no doubt!

I have to agree about the chair!:)

Amy said...

Yes, Garrett is my "git-r-done" boy! Ha!

There has got to be some business Jack and Garrett could go into! They would be great!

Ya'll are too funny about the chair! He is posed there because there is nothing else in my house with color! Boring backgrounds all around!