Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hee Hee

Last weekend we had company over for Kellen’s birthday.  Before they arrived I called the kids to the kitchen and reminded them of their manners.  I went on and on (and probably on some more) about being hospitable.  Kellen and Garrett were like yeah, yeah, we’ve heard this before.  When I was done, I asked if they understood.  They said yes. Then Gannon asked “what does spitable mean?”  I told him hospitable was all one word.  He said “oh, I thought it was something about spit”.

This past Sunday was a beautiful day!  Spring is definitely around the corner.  I decided to get fancy and pull out a new shirt since I’ve worn basically the same thing to church all winter.  Gannon walked in and I said “What do you think?  Is this shirt too crazy for mama?”  He said “No, I like it.  But, I see what you mean about things looking different on the hanger.  On the hanger it looks all flat.  On, it looks…(pause)…bumpy.”  Thanks Gannon, that was the look I was going for.


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Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

Thank you Gannon!! I needed that very much....LOL..LOL...LOL:):):)