Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just That Kind of Kid

Yesterday was Kellen’s birthday.  Thirteen.  Yes, a teenager.
We have noticed a change in Kellen, the last six weeks especially.  Not bad changes, just changes that means he’s growing up.  He’s getting more muscular, probably in part to working out at the Y, but part his age.  He’s kind of got the Peter Brady thing going on with his voice.  He’s spending a little more time alone.  I don’t think he’ll ever be in total hibernation like some teenagers, he has too many things he wants to share with the rest of us!  But, he is being a loner a little more.  Only five more years and he can take off on his own, never to be heard from again!
Luckily, there are things that are not changing, not yet anyway.  He is still the kind, thoughtful person he has always been.  That’s what I mean when I say he is that kind of kid.  I don’t take any credit for this, this was all God’s handiwork.  Why God chose to give me a child like this, I don’t know, but I am forever grateful.  I tell him all the time that he is going to make a great husband some day, if I don’t use him all up before then!  Just a couple of weeks ago we were out somewhere and I was trying to fill something out, holding Callie, juggling things. Kellen came up and said “Come on Callie let’s go over here”.  I didn’t ask him, I wasn’t freaking out over my predicament, he just noticed I was struggling and helped.
Kellen is to the point in his schooling where there are some things that I can plan out for the week and he is on his own to get them done.  He is an early riser and he’ll start on his schoolwork before everyone else is even up so he can get it done.  He knows that he wants to move on to better things, so he knows how to schedule his day and get his stuff done on his own.
We decided very last minute what we wanted to do to celebrate his birthday.  We decided we would have a few friends over to play outside and eat pizza, just hanging out kind of stuff.  He said “is this one of those kind of parties where people bring you gifts?”  I told him it didn’t have to be.  “I don’t really need anything, so I would rather people not bring stuff”.  On his own.  I didn’t have to rant and rave about how he didn’t need anything, he knows he doesn’t.  He wanted to invite some kids…and their siblings and parents.  Not for any particular reason, he just likes all ages of people and wanted everyone to have someone to play with.  I think this is a great quality that will serve him well forever. 
Kellen setting the table for his party :)
Now, lest anyone thinks I think he is perfect.  Or, in case he reads this and starts getting a big head…let’s just say God is not finished with him yet!  He is human,  he has struggles just like anyone else.  We work on them daily!  But, luckily, I think his great qualities outweigh the struggles, so I think we’ll keep him around :).
I am so thankful for Kellen.  We didn’t know what we were having when we were pregnant with him, but for some reason I knew it was a boy.  I am so blessed by him.  I am so blessed to be able to spend so much time with him and try in spite of myself to train and teach him.  He makes me look way better than I am!  What more could a parent ask for!
Happy Birthday Kellen!  Your daddy and I love you more than you know and we are so proud of you.  Your brothers and sister love and look up to you.  Thanks for loving God and trying your best to do His will. Thanks for being the best Kellen I know!


Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

He's the best Kellen I know too!! And I agree...he's changing...his face is starting to look more chisled and guy like...uh-oh...

Amy said...

Yes, not good for this sentimental mom to see!

Kerry said...

What a great kiddo! Such a young man. Hope his birthday turned out just how he wanted it to! :)