Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Callie has taken to picking on Gannon when she gets the chance.  I don’t know why.  All of my younger kids have done this.  Gannon would bite Garrett for no reason.  He never did it to Kellen, just Garrett.  Callie will pinch Gannon, not Garrett or Kellen, just Gannon.  I think they just know that that is the child closest to their age so maybe, just maybe they can take them.  Who knows!
Well, the other day Callie decided to stand on Gannon.  He was laying on the floor drawing, she walked over and just stood there on his back.  I was at the sink with wet hands so while I finished what I was doing, I was giving her the evil eye.  (She, of course, was just giving me the I’ll do whatever I want smile that she has mastered!).  After a few seconds, she jumped off Gannon, ran to Kellen for him to hold her and said “I’m scared of those eyes!”.
You better be scared sister!

During a not so scary moment!  Callie ready for summer with her pink flower pants, pigtails, and Sonic!  The best time of the year!


Kerry said...

Oh that is hilarious!! She is looking as sweet and innocent as can be in this picture...can't imagine her EVER needing the evil eye!!!!!(hee-hee)

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

Love it! and love the pigtails!!