Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birthday Party

Backtracking to what we’ve been doing the last few weeks, we will head to Kellen’s birthday party. We decided to invite some of his friends and their families.  Since we do things pretty last minute, only one family could come and two friends came without their families.  Turned out great!  Since this was our first “company” in this house it was good to start small!


Kellen with Abe, Garrett and Christian.


Kellen blowing out his candles.  He chose brownies and ice cream, so I was off the hook for making some lame cake!  Not that cake is lame, but when I try to decorate one, it comes out lame!  Our friends  Steve and Amy are looking on.  I love how it looks like Steve is blowing out candles too!

We ate pizza and the boys all played hide-and-seek in the dark in the basement.  They had a GREAT time while the parents got to sit upstairs and visit.  Works for me!  After everyone left, Kellen’s friend Hunter spent the night.  Kellen and Hunter have become fast friends here in Nixa.  This is Hunter’s first year to homeschool, which makes it nice for them.  The boys have similar schedules and interests.  We are so glad to have found Hunter!










This is Hunter carrying supplies out to the “fort”.  We have this little stretch of trees out behind our house.  The boys have been spending many hours out there building and arranging and I don’t know what all! 

IMG_0003 The fort.  Love the pizza box in the middle!  They are really roughing it!IMG_0004 Garrett digging a hole.    IMG_0009     Kellen, Hunter, and Garrett

A great birthday party with new friends!  We have been blessed here to make friends so much faster than we usually do!  I don’t know what it is this time around, but it has been fun!  The boys are having a great time being outside.  Still no neighbors, so they have the run of the place!  And this little stretch of trees is as close to nature as I ever plan to live, so they are enjoying it while they can!

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