Friday, April 9, 2010

Double Digits

I think turning ten ranks up there with the big birthdays like sixteen, or eighteen, or forty!  At least it has been that way for my boys.  Something about going from one digit to two is a big deal, your not a little kid anymore.  Garrett turned ten this week!  He was beyond thrilled!


This is Garrett doing his Oscar Winning act after seeing his Nerf Bow and Arrow that he has wanted forever!  (He is really not crying!)



Excited about some Yankees World Series figures!  (It’s a guy thing!)

bloggarrett4  Ten!

We spent the day doing our usual birthday activities, starting with no school!  We take the day off of school work when it is a child’s birthday, just because we can!  We got a double bonus yesterday since it was daddy’s day off.  So, Garrett started out the day doing whatever he wanted, which for us usually includes shopping with birthday money and eating.  What’s not to love!.

I have a love/hate relationship with my kids birthdays.  It is so exciting to see them be so excited.  But, it is so sad to see how fast time flies!  Ten years is a long time, but I can remember the day Garrett was born like it was yesterday!  Again, we decided not find out what we were having, but I just knew it was a boy.  I was so excited when he was a boy so that we would have brother’s in our house.  I must say I was shocked that he was so different than Kellen.  I know, it should have been obvious, but you think, ok a baby, a boy, I can do this.  Wrong!  He is his own kid and I am so happy about that!

Garrett is such a fun-loving guy.


Garrett at the Hollywood Wax Museum

He is always up for doing something fun, and he would love it if that fun involved a ball of some sort!  He has energy that never goes away.  Garrett is also sensitive and thoughtful.  He is not vocal about it, but you can see in his face that things really bother him.  Things like his siblings being disciplined. He can’t stand it!  He gets very upset if they are upset!  Tenderhearted would be a great word to describe him.  He will be a great husband because he is so fun, but so sensitive.  And he can fix anything!  He loves to work with his hands and will work at it until he gets things done.  A quality everyone should have!

Ok, I’ll try to not go on and on, but one more!  Garrett is so great with his siblings.  He and Kellen can play all day, any number of things.  But then Garrett can play with Gannon and be a great playmate.  And Callie.  It has been such  a joy to see the boys with a girl.  Garrett especially.   I really think he is in awe of her.  It is funny to watch her with him.  If she needs a drink or some kind of care, she looks for Kellen.  But, when she is ready to play, she looks for Garrett.  They run, chase, tickle, wrestle.  You name it, and she loves it.  And so does he!  He is a such a good big brother to her.

I am so thankful for God’s blessings in my life.  I am so thankful for the blessing of Garrett being our son.  We can learn so much from our kids if we take time to know them and I have learned so much from Garrett.  I am thankful for this time.  Garrett really does make me look better than I am!

Happy Birthday Garrett!  Your daddy and I love you more than you know.  Your brothers and sister love you and love spending time with you.  Thanks for being you and loving God in the process.  You are the best Garrett I know!

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Kerry said...

I remember my middle brother being the doting, affectionate one of the three when I was young. Maybe it's a middle boy thing!

Garrett is such a special guy!
Happy Birthday, Garrett! :)