Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We are so lucky to have bunches of cousins for the kids to play with.   We are so glad to be closer to Oklahoma so that we can spend time with all of them.  Clay came with his kids during their Spring Break and we had a great time!  His kids are twelve, ten, and six, so they have always had so much fun playing together.  It is nice that his oldest two are girls because Callie is in love with them, so they were pretty much stuck with her the whole time!  I guess nice for me, maybe not so nice for them!


Callie and Gannon watching for them out the back window :).

blogsb2 They hadn’t been here very long before the manicures began.  Callie chose lime green sparkles this time.


Madison and Callie sitting at the little table coloring.  Callie was in heaven with a girl to play with!  Sometime I need to dig out pictures we have of Kellen and Madison sitting at this table when they were two.  Amazingly this little table has lasted through all the moves!


blogsb5The guys assuming their Spring Break position.


Kellen and Mallori checking things out in his room.


Gannon and Mason sharing a  MP3 player!

blogsb8 blogsb9

Callie just knew she would be able to sleep with “the girls” downstairs.  I think Madison and Mallori wanted her too but they would have been sorry when she woke them up three or four times during the night!


The first night they were here they did a haunted house for us, complete with costumes and all.  It was hysterical! 


Here they are walking around being scary.  I hate to tell them they are all too cute to be scary!

blogsba4Callie getting in on the action with the night vision goggles.

Whew!  And this was just the first day!  I’m going to have to turn this into two or three posts we had so much going on.  But, they had a great time, snow and all.  Yes, we had two gorgeous days, then two days of rain, sleet and snow.  Hello mother nature, it’s spring break!  Luckily our kids are good at making the best of the situation, so they had so much fun!

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