Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my dad’s birthday.  I guess I won’t put how old he is, except that I really don’t think he would care.  He is a laid back kind of guy like that!
I wish I had pictures of the things I remember about my dad from when I was at home.  But those things are not really things you think to take pictures of.  I don’t really know how you would get a picture of someone sitting in the car honking on Sunday morning when a certain someone wasn’t ready for church!  I do remember a lot of that.  But, I also just remember a lot of calm.  I think now that Todd is a daddy, I can put into words what my daddy was and that was calm.  I can feel the calm when Todd comes home.  Even if things are still spinning out of control when he walks in, I know he is going to be able to get it straightened out.
I don’t remember ever getting in trouble by my daddy.  I am sure I did, but I don’t remember it.  My brothers may sing a different tune, but not me. :)  Of course since he was the daddy, he worked all the time.  Now I feel a little sorry for daddies because I see how much they have to miss in their families lives.  There is probably a lot they are glad they are missing, but I think there is some more of life they would like to be here for.  My dad worked nights a lot of years, so he really missed a lot during the week.  But, the one thing he never missed was Sunday morning.  He was always the first one up, dressed in a suit and tie (which he still wears!), reading his Bible when everyone else started getting up.  Church was his life, and still is.  He was always teaching, filling in for preachers and song leaders, what ever the need may be.  Now he is an Elder and is well-deserving of that honor.
I also remember when he would come home it would just be calmer.  Something was always going on when daddy was not home!  Whether it was fights, stuff breaking, whatever!  But, when daddy walked in the door, we knew it was going to be taken care of one way or another.  He could fix anything.  Something I am sure he wishes I would forget since he has fixed many a things on my houses and cars!  Several times he has fixed my car over the phone!  I call him before I call a repair man!
Daddy was always calm when I was scared of the dark.  I can’t tell you how many times he walked around the house so I could go to sleep at night.  I just knew someone was out there to get me!  He never got mad, he just did it, calmly.
So, thank you daddy for calm.  Thank you for making the church the priority in our house.  Thank you for walking around the house a million times.  Thank you too for the many horsey rides, the songs you sang with your guitar and banjo, the many miles you drove us to go on family vacations, the many hours you worked so we could have more than we needed.  Even though you couldn’t be home all the time, we always knew you were coming home and that was the best gift of all!
Have a Happy Happy Birthday!

Daddy reading to me.  Lovely pants.
 Teaching me to ride my bike!
 The family at my college graduation.
 My wedding.  He is such a smart man, he never asked how much my dress cost, he just said it was worth it! 

 Grandpa and his train.

Garrett and Grandpa at an OU football game.
 Grandpa holding Gannon.
 Grandpa and Kellen at the Brewers baseball game.

 Grandpa holding Callie.
1Grandpa with my kids Thanksgiving 2009.  We have many pictures like this.  Kids with Grandpa in “his” chair!
blogeaster6 Grandpa flying kites!

Ok, I know these are lot of pics with my kids, but even better than calling him daddy is calling him grandpa!


Kerry said...

How wonderfully blessed you are to have such an awesome dad! It looks as though your kids have a strong and loving relationship with him as well--how blessed for them too! Happy Birthday, Amy's Dad! :)

BTW: I'm pretty sure I had that same bike--just a different color!

Amy said...

Thanks Kerry! Yes, we are blessed!

I think every girl in America had that bike in some color or another! The basket was the best!