Thursday, November 4, 2010

Odd And Ends, Take Two!

October was more of the same.  Baseball (they won the championship!), gymnastics, co-op, etc….:)!  But, we did have a few highlights!


My birthday is in October and my mom and my grandma came for a visit!  We had the best time.  Above, Callie is watching out the window for their car. blog8

We talked and talked.  Then we went to lunch, then the cupcake place, then the botanical gardens.  Then we talked.  Then we went to dinner.  Then we talked.  Are you getting a theme here?

blog4Callie running through the botanical garden.  The gardens had done a big redo this summer and my birthday was the big dedication day.blog5

I let the boys take my cameras since the botanical gardens was not something they thought sounded fun!  I got lots of pictures like the one above.


And this.


But, I got a lot of pics like this too!  It was really beautiful, even though it was fall.  I can’t wait to go back in the spring and see it in full bloom!  We kept talking about what beautiful mums they had and Callie said “and dads too!”  Too cute!


Just us girls before they left for home and we left for co-op.  Remember, our photographers range from 6-13!  Callie cried and cried when the left :(.  At one point in the visit she looked at me and said “Grandma Lanier cracks me up!”  I don’t know what Grandma was doing, but Callie loved spending time with her!


Gannon lost a tooth!  He has since lost anther one and he is so excited!  Apparently there is a new tooth fairy since his brothers lost teeth since he got five dollars and his brothers always got one dollar.  I think the female has retired and the male has taken over.  I guess the he tooth fairy has a money tree that the she doesn’t know about!


Glenn, Kerry, Taryn and Jack joined us on their fall break.  It was a quick little trip but a nice break for us all.  Todd had to work most of the time so Glenn offered to stay with the boys while the girls did some running around.  Actually, I don’t know if he actually volunteered or if we just kind of suggested it to him.  :)   Thanks Glenn!  We had a great time!

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Kerry said...

What a fun October! We had fun with you all, but it went by way too quickly.

You look so pretty in the pictures with your mom and grandmother. It looked like a happy time together!