Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Ugh.  Halloween.  I started hearing about Halloween costumes months ago, so by the time Halloween actually got here, I was done.  Kellen, bless his heart, is too creative for his own good.  He has elaborate plans every year for just the right costume and all the pieces that go with it.  Problem is, they are usually more than I want to spend or not even possible to find.  This year he had his mind made up to be Joker.  Well, Joker wears a lot of clothes!  Anything official is way to expensive for a Halloween costume!  But, in the end, it turned out great.  Even if I was sewing on Halloween afternoon!  Yes, I know, he’s known for weeks what he wanted to be.  I just kept hoping I would find the right the thing so I wouldn’t have to sew!  I like sewing what I want to sew when I am in the mood to sew!
bloghalloweenHere is the crew in the garage.  We didn’t think to take a picture in the house and it was too dark outside, so you get a nice picture of our garage!  Gannon is a Blue Clone Trooper, Kellen is Joker, Garrett is a Henchman (?, I guess he is Joker’s helper.  All I know is his costume cost me $3.00 and he painted it himself.  Love it!)  Callie was a pink polka-dot fairy princess.  She decided that in all the pics she needed to turn around so we could see her wings.  :)  Yes, her costume is totally random!  I just used a bunch of pink stuff and painted some sparkly polka-dots on her wings.  This was better then her choice which was War Machine.  I told her no and she said “but he goes with Ironman!”.  No, she has not seen the movie.  This is just some of the random information she and I unfortunately glean from living with four guys!  
bloghalloween4We were able to go trick-or-treating with Kellen’s best buddy Hunter and his family.  They came over to eat then we went to the neighborhood across the street since we still don’t have enough neighbors to have a party!  Callie wouldn’t stand with the guys in the picture because she is scared of Hunter!
bloghalloween5Gannon, Hunter, Garrett, Kellen, and Bryce
bloghalloween3Trying to get an indoor picture after the trick-or-treating.  Seriously Callie, turn around!
bloghalloween2Thank you!

We had a good time.  The neighbors all sat out in their driveways and decorated to make it fun for the kids.  Of course Kellen and Hunter wanted to go off by themselves, but we didn’t let them.  Sorry guys!  They all had a good time.  Callie had no idea of course.  We haven’t trick-or-treated since she was born, not that she would have remembered anyway.  But, she had heard so much about it that when we pulled up and started to get out she was beyond excited and said “I am just so excited about the candy!”.  It was the cutest thing!  She was one determined girl  She marched right up to every door, even if it was decorated scary.  I wish there would have been a way to get her on film, but it was so dark!  So, all’s well that ends well.  All the kids were happy with their costumes.  They actually trick-or-treated this year.  They got just enough candy to make them happy but not make me nuts trying to keep it away from them! Happy Halloween!

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