Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One, two, three strikes, your done!

Well, this post has been saved on my computer for quite some time, I got the pictures done but couldn't seem to sit down and talk about them. Then, it was time for vacations, so I am just now back in the swing of things! (hee, hee)

Baseball season is finally over. It is always bittersweet. The boys love playing and most of the time I enjoy watching them. But, I really don't like the short days we have during baseball season. We have to eat dinner by four then get to the fields, just about every night of the week. So, it gets a little old. We are used to a pretty good routine and I think everyone is missing it by the end of the season. This year Kellen was on a pretty good team so we didn't think his season was ever going to be over! We had more rain outs than usual so the ending date just kept getting pushed back. Finally, two days after we were supposed to leave for a vacation to Oklahoma, after watching it rain all morning, I told Kellen he was done. He ended on a good note, he played well in the last games that he played and the team won 10-0. So, mama pulled the plug! His team ended up finishing third in the final tournament which is where I would have guessed for them to finish, with or without Kellen, so it's all good :). He had a good team but also good coaches and good boys to play with. Last year, that was not the case. If you are wanting to write a book on how not to coach a kid's sports team, I'll give you the number for the coach he had last year! It was the worst! So, win or no win, this year was a huge success!

Garrett's team was not so lucky. This was his first year of kid pitch. There is always a lot of adjusting for the pitchers and the batters. I think his team only one two games. But, Garrett did well, and he had nice coaches and teammates, so we were very happy. He was so bummed when his team was done. He is a kid that would play ball every day, all day, for the rest of his life!

Garrett running the bases.

Garrett hitting.

Garrett crossing home plate. Woo hoo!

Garrett getting checked out by one of his coaches after he got hit by a pitch. This happened at least once a game if not five times!

Garrett playing catcher. He is a great catcher. It always cracks me up to see him in his catching gear. Not much unprotected by the time he gets all of this on!

Garrett making a catch. He played a lot of positions. But, mainly second, shortstop, pitcher and catcher. He always does a great job at any position he plays. He did great at pitcher considering it was the first year he could pitch. He loved it!

Kellen ready for the game!

Kellen pitching. (I took this with my phone, so it's a little hard to see, but it's him!)

Kellen running the bases.

Kellen waiting for some action. He normally played second base and right field. This year he also started pitching. He did a great job! It was so nice to have a coach that would let me them learn new positions.

Kellen batting.
Kellen was chosen this year to the all-star team. There were four players from his team. They put two on one team and two on another team. Kellen's team run ruled the team they were playing! Since it was an all-star game they don't quit, they just play a second game. Well, they won that game too! It was a really fun day. Hot, but fun! They league sets up sound systems, which they don't normally do. They introduce the players, play music, announce plays, have programs, etc. It is a lot of fun. Lots of extra people come to watch. Garrett was an all-star last year, so we knew what to expect this year. Like get there early to get a seat or you won't be able to see! The coaches rotated around the boys in their usual positions. Kellen did a great job. He was put at first base for a while, which he had not played all season. I was so nervous. I always worry that they don't know what to do. Of course, they do. He made some great plays and knew exactly what to do when he got the ball.

Kellen and his teammate Ryan on the all-star team.
Kellen batting in the all-star game.

Kellen, Ryan, Jacob, and Griffin, the RIBCO All-Stars with their medals.

All in all, a great season. We're looking forward to next year. Gannon is convinced he will be playing as well. We'll see. I don't know if he'll be old enough for the league we play in since he has a May birthday, but we'll see. I'm not bringing it up since he is so excited. Maybe he'll forget over the winter! I don't know if I am ready to juggle three ball schedules! I'll have you know I only mixed up fields once this summer, so I am getting better. And, I didn't get lost going to any of the games or practices! Also an improvement from the last couple of seasons!

I thought this was a fitting picture for the end of a baseball season with so much rain! The last week we played we ended up under the pavilion waiting for a short storm to pass. When we left there were two rainbows. I only got one in the picture. Gannon was so excited. He said this was the first rainbow he remembered ever seeing. I love rainbows. I think it is such a great reminder of God's promises. A promise that we can actually see today. It is such a good thing for little ones to see since it is hard to explain trusting in God's promises. Once they have seen a rainbow, then you always have a reference when talking about God's promises. Thank you God!

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