Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Leg of Our Oklahoma Trip (I told you we were gone a long time!)

When I go by myself from Iowa to Oklahoma, we stop and spend the night halfway. It is just too far for me to drive with the kids. I think we could do it if we had to, but since we haven't had to, I don't attempt it! Well, halfway from here to home there is not anything. Nothing, nada. The drive from Des Moines to Kansas City is the worst drive I have ever had to do. So, we usually stay in the Kansas City area. We got to Kansas City early in the afternoon since we were coming from Tulsa, and I was so excited. Every time we drive through there I want to stop and explore, but we are always ready to see our family, or go home, so we don't stop. Since I wasn't in a big hurry to get home, we explored. We had a really nice evening, the weather was perfect and I love just being with my kids. No agenda, no plans, just seeing what we can find. These are some of my favorite times.

Nana Charlene had packed us a lunch so the first stop was at a park to eat What I didn't realize when we parked was that the majority of the park was roped off. Apparently they were remodeling it. So, we found a ledge and enjoyed our lunch. The kids didn't mind, anything to get out of the car!

I have always wanted to go to the Federal Reserve Museum in Kansas City. It started when we lived in Springfield, MO and we were researching outings to Kansas City. Kellen has always been fascinated with money. Not just making it, but coins, the origins, etc. So, I have always thought he would enjoy it. So, this was our next stop. We really enjoyed it! It is free and small, so perfect for a little outing or stop off if you are traveling through. They have the Harry S. Truman coin collection on display. Coins from every Presidency since Washington. So cool! Then they have the vault. This of course was the highlight of the visit. You can't take pictures of this part so you'll just have to trust me. It was really amazing to see it all at work. They have robots that put the money in and take the money out of the vault. Even Callie loved this part. She loved watching the robot disappear and reappear. She woud wait so patiently to see one then get so excited to see it come out of the vault. We spent about an hour which was just about right.

Kellen and Garrett. They were trying to do their best serious Presidential faces!

Garrett and Gannon

FYI, if you ever venture to this area, there is a World War II Museum right next door with beautiful grounds for a picnic. We knew the WWII Museum was there, but didn't realize we were so close until we walked out. We didn't get to do this since it was closing time, maybe next time!
After the Federal Reserve Museum we drove around a little trying to decide what to do. When we saw California Pizza Kitchen, our evening was decided, we were stopping at Country Club Plaza! We love California Pizza Kitchen! It's nice to have at least one child that will eat something besides hamburger or pepperoni! Kellen and I share the California Club pizza, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, even mayo! We love it!

After dinner we walked around the Plaza and shopped some. The wonderful thing about this is that I don't think the boys knew they were shopping! Since it was outside and it was a beautiful night, they were enjoying themselves as well. In the above picture the boys are teaching Callie how to throw coins in the fountain with live music in the background. So fun!

Ending the evening with chocolate ice cream! Yum!

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