Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bathing Beauty

Old pics, but I just had to share! Several weeks ago we had a free day and it was warm enough in Iowa to swim. Neither of those happen very often! I forgot my camera so I took these with my phone when we were getting out of the car. Have you ever seen anything so cute?!
This is the first time Callie has been swimming at a pool. (her little backyard pool doesn't count!) She of course loved it. Bettendorf has a public pool complete with water slides, diving boards, kiddie area, the works. Kellen and Garrett took off for "big kid stuff" so Gannon, Callie and I explored stuff for their ages. Right off the bat I took Callie down a slide that she could ride on my lap. In my attempt to keep her from going under water too much, I scraped my knees along the bottom of the pool. Not good. Blood running down, a whole big mess. I had to fill out an accident report and get bandaged up by the lifeguards before I could go back in. So lovely!
So, Gannon gets the big brother of the day award. He helped Callie the whole time. There was a little slide that she could do by herself, she just doesn't get the wait your turn thing yet. So Gannon, bless his heart, would go with her up the steps and hold onto her with all his might until it was her turn. I don't know how many times he did this. He was so patient and never complained. I was so proud of him :)! We were able to go into the kiddie pool and let them swim around. Everyone had a great time. Callie was not scared one bit. I didn't need to sacrifice my knees to keep her from going under! Hopefully we'll have time to go at least once more before summer is over. They close up pretty soon since schools are starting.
I think I am caught up on pictures up to our vacations. Hopefully I'll be able to post about them next. We had a BUSY few weeks, but got to do a lot and see a lot of people. A couple of more weeks, then school is starting. Where did the summer go?!

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