Friday, August 21, 2009

Oklahoma, Tulsa Visit

We divided up our time in Tulsa with some days at the beginning of the trip and days at the end of the trip. Of course at the beginning of the trip, I didn't take out the camera. So, I didn't get any pictures of our visit with Chadd (Todd's brother), Natalie, Karlee, and Kymree. I'm just sick about it. We all had such a nice visit. The kids all love playing together and the day we visited was no exception. Roy and Charlene had also invited over some of our friends the Swaims to eat lunch with us. It was such a nice visit. We usually don't get to spend much time with them when we are in town. They have three great kids Mackenzie, Ellie, and Eli. Eli is Garrett's age and they have been best buds since they were in preschool together at Park Plaza. They were just barely one! We got to spend time with Nanny Edith and enjoyed visiting with her and seeing how well she was doing after breaking her hip in February. And of course Charlene and I did some shopping. We love to go. Well, I should say I love to go and she tags along. The best part was going to Kathleen's Kids and stocking up on hairbows for Callie. This is the place to go. They have every color of ribbon and every size and they are a great price. Let's just say Callie won't be needing bows for a very long time! :) I was so excited. You can hardly buy bows in Iowa :(

On the way home when we stopped in Tulsa again and were able to see Glenn (Todd's brother), Kerry, Taryn, and Jack. They had been at camp the first time we came through. We always love spending time with them as well. The kids have a great time together. Our kids are so blessed to have so many cousins close in age on both sides of the family. They have so many great memories already and I know there are more to come! Again, I didn't take any pictures. But...I am borrowing some Kerry sent to Charlene :) . (Hope that is ok Kerry!) She always takes a lot of great pictures of all of our activities!

A trip to Tulsa wouldn't be complete without a visit to the "finest restaurant". Yes, it is a hot dog place. The first time we were moving to Tulsa with kids Todd was trying to build it up big and he told them we would eat at fine restaurants. Well, the first place we ate was the hot dog place and Kellen, who was four at the time asked if this was the finest restaurant. So that it has become and the name has stuck after all these years. So much so I can't even remember the name! Uncle Glenn, Jack, Kellen, Gannon, Garrett, and Taryn are in the picture. I have to brag and say that two people stopped and said what nice kids we had. I have to agree!

After we got home Glenn and Kerry took the kids to the playground at the neighborhood school behind Nana and Poppa's house. They had such a good time!

Gannon and Taryn at the playground.

Uncle Glenn and Gannon

Kellen, Taryn, Garrett, and Jack

And Gannon again, just such a sweet picture!

All in all, a great trip to Oklahoma! We really had a great time with everyone and enjoyed catching up. Can't wait to visit again!

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