Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And We’re Done!

Well, we are done with July.  Clay and his kids came for a visit to finish off the month.  So, we finished off the month like we started it, with company, and we love it!

It was a busy five days!  Just having seven kids in your house instead of four makes things just seem busy!

The first full day we headed to Silver Dollar City.  We figured a Thursday would be less crowded than a Friday or weekend.  It wasn’t too bad.  The kids had a great time, they seemed oblivious to crowds or heat!

blogcGannon and Mason on the Teacups.  Gannon was so thrilled to have someone his age to ride with!

blogc2 Mason and Gannon taking a breather.  I have so many cute pictures of them I could post, it would take their own blog post to get them all in.  They both always just looked so happy!


Mallori, Madison, Garrett, Kellen, Mason, and Gannon taking a break.


A ride all the kids to do together, how fun!

blogc3I almost feel a little disrespectful putting this picture out there.  But, it was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!  It is hard to make out, but the two people in the back are Madison and Kellen.  The woman in the front is no one we know.  By the time they got to the bottom of the log ride, the lady was laying on Madison.  It was the funniest thing.  I was laughing before I saw it was Madison, then when the boat went by and I saw it was her being squashed,  I was in tears!

blogc6Callie decided to get in on the action.  She had tried the frog ride the last time we were there and didn’t like it.  So, this time she decided to try the butterflies.

blogc7And, she didn’t think much of them either.  She screamed for her daddy the whole ride!  I really did not make her ride, she asked.  I think she is done with rides this year!

blogc8 Still traumatized from the butterflies!

blogc9 “Ok, now I’m better!”

blogca1 Mallori, Garrett, and Kellen decided to brave this flying, spinning thing.  Kellen is already giving it a thumbs down.  They all said the seats were so tight they couldn’t breath!

blogca2 Teenagers.  :(.

blogca3 Clay and his kids.

DSC00729Todd just happened to have a week of vacation this week, so he got to hang out with us too.  That was such a nice treat!

blogca4 Madison and Mallori were teaching Callie little hand games and songs.  I don’t really know what those are called, but they are those little slap and clap games.  I know, pathetic description, I am sure they have a name!

blogca5 Mallori and Callie playing in Callie’s room.

We spent Friday hanging out at home for a while then we went to Branson to go back-to-school shopping.  They were having great deals!  Clay picked up lots of stuff for his kids and his work clothes.  I bought my kids some new pjs to hang out in for school.  Just kidding!  Really!  We do get up and get dressed!

blogca6Saturday we stayed home and broke out the water slide.  It was a perfect hot day for it!  Here is Mason flying off the end.

blogcb1 Here is Garrett, doing something.  I think they were trying to pose for pics and come down the slide at the same time!

blogcb2 Kellen flying off the end.  The girls were sliding too but I didn’t really get a good picture of them. :(blogcb3

Gannon and Callie hanging out in her baby pool!


Callie having fun.  Poor thing, I bought here a bigger pool but the big kids confiscated it to land in when they overshoot the waterslide. 


The boys making their monkey faces.  Can’t imagine where they learned that!

blogcb4All the kiddos dressed up for church.  A nice picture to end on!  They left shortly after lunch to go home.  Callie was so sad.  She said “but they need to stay forever!”.  She loves all the girl attention she gets from her cousins!  Thanks Clay for taking so many pictures!  I never take enough so I downloaded all his before he left!

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