Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Sloooow Day

This must have been a slow day for the Springfield news!  We were taking our lunch break from schoolwork when the doorbell rang.  A couple of men asked if they could ask me some questions about having a sprinkler system in my house (which we do not have, btw).  After I answered him he asked if he could interview me, since I am ever so quick I just stood there, thinking, “I think you just did”.  Then I realized he meant for TV.  Ha!  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Why didn’t I just say, “no thanks”.  Instead, I said, “Can I go brush my hair first?”  We were not planning to leave the house except to go swim at a friends house, so I hadn’t done much in the hair and makeup dept. and I had on my uniform of a black tee and jeans.  Lovely.  

Anyway, I ran in, took my hair out of a ponytail an slapped on some mascara and “lips” as Callie calls it.  I came out and they had me sit on my porch.  Yes, I’m just hanging out on my porch, talking about sprinklers.  Very natural.  Then, they asked if they could get some shots of my kids running around in the yard. !Oooookkkkk.  That would also be very natural.  We do a lot of just running amuck in our yard!  After a minute I asked them if they would like me to get a football or something.  So, we have the boys throwing the football around and Callie being shy.  They got a nice shot of me forgetting that I can’t throw a football.  They don’t actually show me, but show the football randomly landing in the middle of the circle and Garrett trying to reach it.  Luckily they also cut out the part of Callie picking her nose! 

For the record, I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other if people get sprinklers in their homes.  I have always been paranoid about my kids not waking up if our house was on fire and the smoke detector didn’t wake them up.  I think I saw a show about that on 20/20 or something.  So, sprinklers would probably wake them or put the fires out before they needed to wake up. That would be a good thing!  I also mentioned to them that if the sprinklers were ugly I would not want them.  I guess they didn’t feel that was newsworthy!  Yes, I really said that.  Luckily, it was  not a piece about “Local SAHM rambles on about random stuff”, I could have helped them out with that too!

Click to see the Foxx Family on the News, ha


Kerry said...

How exciting!--Foxx Family Reality Show!! (ha-ha) I hope we get to see the clip of this sometime!

Leslie said...

Love it Amy! My favorite part of your post and interview is Callie's putting on "lips"!! Your family is beautiful and getting so grown up!!!