Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Man

In the course of a week, Garrett has turned into a new man!  First he got contact lenses, then he got his braces off! 




What a handsome guy!  He’s always been a handsome guy, but now he can be handsome without messing with glasses and braces.  Unfortunately he will have braces again some day.  These were phase one for him :(.  But, for now he can enjoy his straight pearly whites!  He’s doing a great job with his contacts and is really, really enjoying being able to play without the glasses being in the way.  And, we can admire his long eyelashes.  ;).  The poor thing, in glasses his lashes were always bent up they were so long.  The contacts have got to be more comfortable!  Your doing great Garrett!

1 comment:

Kerry said...

Wow! Is that Garrett? He is such a handsome young man! It's great he can do the contacts now. Way to go Garrett! Lookin' good!! ;)