Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Not much going on these past few days.  Thank goodness!  I don’t know when I’ve been able to say that recently!  I’ve had these pictures saved for a while to share because I LOVE them.  

Callie loves her brothers.  She loves to play with them.  She loves to pick on them.  She loves to boss them around.  She just loves them.  I love the expressions on her face in these pictures from Gannon’s birthday! Callie is  watching Gannon open his birthday gifts.  She had no idea what any of the the stuff was, but she knew this was exciting because he was excited!  Of course his expressions are priceless too!  Oh to be young!  Little things can make them so happy!  Callie and Gannon are becoming quite the playmates now that she is playing “with” people more.  She is coming out of that play stage where they just play alongside others.  She pretends all the time and tells long stories that we have no idea what she is talking about!  Of course other than just playing together Gannon and Callie are fighting more too.  I won’t go into that obnoxiousness!  (is that a word?)
      IMG_7416 - Copy IMG_7417 - Copy  IMG_7418 - Copy       IMG_7422 IMG_7423        
Garrett reading to her at bedtime.
IMG_7540  Playing in the fort together.
Kellen sharing his iPod.  Or showing it to her, I’m not sure which one :).
Gannon holding her hand while we go through the carwash.  Todd’s store has a carwash and when we first moved here, she was scared to death to go through it!  So, Gannon started holding her hand.   Now that she is not scared anymore, she still wants to hold his hand. :)

The love is not just Callie to her brothers, I think they love her too!

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Kerry said...

So, so sweet! She will be such a happy, confident and secure young lady some day--but we can just linger in these sweet moments until then!